Quick Nap


I was running around so much towards the end of work because I needed a few things from people. And I was listing things in my head that I needed to do, I came to the point where I started forgeting things. I needed to crash even though I wanted to take care of other things. When I got home I sat with my mother for a bit and dozed off exactly where I was. I fell asleep on the chair for 2.5 hours and it did me some good. I know I could sleep more, but I thought it would be better to get up and finish it off later in the evening since I still wanted to finish few tasks before the day is gone.

Im the type to avoid sleeping if possible and push on, but today I reached ground zero and couldn’t keep myself up anymore. So the nap helped.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. lol th pic…

    Poor u :( it is not healthy that u never sleep :S alla y3eeeeenk.. I slept today for three hours (without intention!!) I hate when that happen… it ruin ur plans…

  2. u avoid sleeping? :|
    lucky you! :P

    I sleep for atleast 9 hours eveyday!

  3. Sum1: it worked out that I will sleep later in the night and I got enough that I could function the rest of the day. As long as I wake up and its still sunny outside then Im fine!

  4. Missy: I try! Doesnt mean Im successful! I dont think there is a day where I get a solid 9 hours and that is probably a luxury I will not have any time soon! hehehehe! But I do like that I get things done!

  5. Nora-Cassandra

    I hope you got some rest!? 2.5 hours on a chair? Hope you didn’t get any neck ache from that? Well I’m just back home and starting my weekend: Watch 24 season 5 from morning till my husband goes to work at 3pm! For 2 days!! Oh yeh maybe checking on my daughter few times if I don’t forget!

  6. MAZE: didn’t have time the last couple of days!

    Nora: hehehe.. yeah my neck was a bit stiff but not too bad! That is the best possible choice for your weekend! 24!!!!!!! Thats all you need!

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