State Of My Desktop


I have been using my PC nonstop for the past few weeks doing a lot of things which consume alot of resources and sometimes its a bit slow when loading things, but I can’t blame.

State of my Desktop:

  • 4 windows with 67 tabs open
  • Uploading 74 torrents through Azueres
  • Burning DVDs
  • Working on images on Photoshop
  • Listening to Music
  • Transferring files to other PCs or Network Drives

So my PC does have its hands full so I’m really happy that its surviving all this work, and sometimes while all this is being done I stream anime from the main PC. It will reach a point soon where it will freeze or crash if I don’t give it some breathing room soon. I’m just going to keep going until I really need to restart.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. damn man…how much RAM do u have?!

  2. zoomzoom

    so you can’t work on vista with this setup unless you put 4gb ram for vista and core 2 cpu

  3. Financy

    Why upload torrents ?! whats the use ?!

    i am usually selfish .. i only download and never upload

  4. financy, if u’re on a private tracker than u have to upload to keep ur ratio up so that u wouldnt get banned

  5. tazz

    i can’t believe we’ve survived until now on solo cores. btw, what processor are you running?

  6. Stafa: 4GB from last year! I do a lot of work on my PC! hehehe

    zoomzoom: I do have 4 GB! hehehe, but I wont upgrade. Its not worth it!

    Financy: With private torrents if you dont upload they will ban you so you loose access to good private torrents!

    Stafa: yup!

    tazz: Intel Pentium D 950 Presler 3.4GHz LGA 775! It does the job!

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