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Its only been a little while since Firefox was introduced and tabbed browsing was introduced with it, I kept seeing buzz words flying around about Firefox and that its going to end IE’s reign on browsing. There might have been other browsers which might have had tabbed browsing but none appealed to the masses such as Firefox has and one of its main advantages is its tabbed browsing. Even with the introduction of IE7 I still feel that its type of tabbed browsing feels slightly incomplete compared to Firefox.

I don’t even remember how I used to browse without tabbed browsing, because every time I browse I start with at least 6-9 tabs, and that is if Im starting fresh. On my desktop I have 3-4 windows open with at least 40 tabs scattered between them. I know what each one is open to even if I leave my pc for a few days and the best thing is that they have the restore capability if the PC crashes and every once in a while my PC does crash for overloading it with all the operations. I think tabbed browsing has made people more addicted to the internet because they read one thing and wait for a few others to load all in the same window and its easily to check on it. I can’t surf without tabbed browsing since tabs will pile up on the bottom, so Firefox has been one of my standard installs on any new computer even if it has IE7. Long live tabs!

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  1. tabs rock. years ago I used to use Opera because it had tabs. Then firefox brought it out, and sadly I dropped Opera. Needless to say I only use IE when i MUST, for example some internet security companies only let you register your product with IE!

  2. p.s. Marzouq…. is the heading supposed to be tabbeD browsing, not tabbeB? if you change it, delete this message so I don’t look a complete moron ;-)

  3. That could be my Masters project
    Thesis: Tabbed browsing increases internet addiction
    eshrayek ;)

  4. moocherx: I agree I only use IE when nessary! I just love tabbed browsing! Can’t get enough of it! Its great! I will change the top too later! hehehehe

    Laialy: Very good! I’m with you 100%, it really did! I can cover more places in one go! Im all over the place! :)

  5. Tabbed browsing rocks, I got the middle scroll button set up so that when I click it, the link is open in a new tab, so for an interesting page, middle click everywhere then jump from one tab to the other. BTW I use Opera, I found Firefox to be too heavy, but that is mine own opinion.

  6. FYI, IE has tabbeB browsing

  7. Don Veto: I agree with you that its amazing, but opera just didn’t feel flexible for me like Firefox! So I’m a firefox fan through in through!

    Zed: I know, but it feels fake! hehehe

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