Workin Late


Today was a bit of a hectic day, the type your on the phone back and forth, running around and talking to people. It was nonstop! I even had a presentation to put together which wasn’t too bad, but it needed slightly more substance and the formating needed improvement. I was really running around with zero time, didn’t get much to eat too much on my mind. Thanks to some coworkers they did the formating for me while I was in some important meetings and they turned the bland slides to some AMAZING styles, I called each and every one of them after work and thanked them for the complete reformatting. It was great, and I really appreciated all the help and support from my coworkers so I’m getting them all Krispy Kreme! hehehe!

I didn’t have a chance to ride this weekend because of the weird weather, but as soon as I got off work around 6:40pm I got home changed got on my bike and went straight to the gym for about 40 minutes of cardio. After that I head home to change and go to my cousin’s dewaneya, but right after the shower I felt exhausted. But before going out I had a salad and grilled chicken while watching one episode of anime. It was good and then I headed out to the dewaneya. It was good night, and I was happy I got some riding in today. I still have a few things to take care of tomorrow but it isn’t too bad.

Going to be an interesting week, I just hope the weekend weather will be good so I can ride. It sounds really bad outside with thunder and a bit windy, I wonder how its going to be in the morning.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. thunder ?! i dont hear anything thats wierd..

    anyways totally know how you feel i hate those hectic days cuz at the end you just feel pain all over your body and all you can see is your bed ;p sleeping is the best cure

  2. Missy-TheOriginal

    Yeah I had to run around yesterday too… By the time I got back home at night I was so faint and dizzy I ate the whole table! Then to make things worse I couldn’t get ANY sleep at all. I kept waking up and turning in bed because of the thunder noises and rain! (I left the window open) Hate thunders! The classic act of burrying ur head under the pillow doesn’t work! The result: I woke up today with puffed eyes, l’m late for work and my head is going to fall over the desk any minute! …. wanna go home…

  3. Amo0ora: you didn’t hear the thunder? wow – it woke me up last night. several times!! to bad it wasn’t during the day… thunderstorms rock.

  4. Missy-TheOriginal

    Yeah i’m surprised she didn’t hear it either lol… U wear earplugs amoorah? I wouldn’t mind wearing ear plugs if they’re as fancy as the ones Audrey Hepburn wore in Breakfast at Tiffany’s!!!

  5. tazz

    dude, you gotta tell where i can find some of those pictures that you use for your posts, preferably high res and free! i need a bunch of links from you.

  6. Amo0ora: yeah lots of thunder and rain!!!! Sleep helps a lot unwind!

    Missy: ooh thats bad! I hate not being able to sleep when I’m tired! That really kills! Being at work makes it worse!

    moocherx: now thats interesting you like thunderstorms! Very nice! hehehe

    Missy: looool! really you guys must have big pillows or something! hehehe

    tazz: I just go through google and use multiple words to see what I can get, I also go to furniture companies for some of these shots and some myself! All over the place, I always look for the perfect shot! No one specific place really!

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