Qnet Down?


My Qnet connection was down for a few hours so I didn’t have access to anything and I couldn’t check all that I wanted during the late hours of the night. And its the only time I get to chill in front of the computer to catch up on posts and read other blogs and places. I wonder what is going on, but I was having issues and my ISP DSL was showing no connection to the internet.

I performed all the regular reseting, pinging, and all kinds of steps but nothing worked. So I walked away for a while and then it came back.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Nora-Cassandra

    I hope it get fixed soon! I know how annoying it is!

  2. i know how that feels :/
    bss al7amdilah in the US there is good customer service … Allah e3een the service q8 ISP’s have :/

  3. Mo Hat

    EXACT same problem Mark. It works now, but what happened was pretty gay.

  4. Mo Hat

    Sorry I meant MARzouq, I’m real tired right now. :P

  5. Nora: It got back up after a while!

    Laialy: they go down and nobody answers!

    Mo Hat: loooool! dont worry about it!

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