Review: Schroers A/V Furniture



I have to say that there is one thing completely lacking in Kuwait which is high quality A/V furniture. If I am spending money on my A/V equipment I want to be sitting on something solid and made so that I can wire the items very easily. After searching around I found the Schroers A/V furniture which is available through ETC Shuweikh or Centro in Kuwait City. These are high quality A/V furniture for all the A/V equipment you bought.



  • Extremely High Quality
  • Very Solid Build
  • Very Easy to wire
  • Adjustable shelf system
  • Each shelf can carry 70kgs
  • Top shelf can carry 150kgs
  • Accessories available such as cable management


  • Price

Price: 240 KD

Overall :

A/V furniture of this quality can rarely be found and compared to other places the price is relatively low. Online you can get it for $900 and it is very heavey so shipping would be costly. The glass is very thick and supports heavy A/V equipment, and it has a very nice industrial look to it. If your serious with your A/V setup then this is the way to go, and they do have other items of furniture for your sepecific setup, and the price might be high but again your getting unparalleled quality.

Link: Shcroers
Link: Price


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  1. It sure is 7elow but its price 2a7la LOOL.

    Couldn’t you find an A/V furniture at IKEA? They might have something cheaper for you there (and hopefully nicer).

  2. This stuff looks really slick but I dont know if it’s practical. I mean where would you keep all your DVDs there’s not much shelf space for that. I would hate to store DVDs somewhere and have the TV and DVD player somewhere else.

  3. Nora-Cassandra

    It looks nice too! Bit expensive, but well life is these days!

  4. Angelo: looool! No this is highquality and the plasma screen is heavy as hell, it would probably break other stands. I hate low quality furniture for AV equipment! I dont think it can be nicer then this!

    1001: This model is just to hold the A/V equipment, they have furniture to hold other things such DVDs, CDs, magazines and all that you wnat!

    Swair: hmmm?

    Nora: the quality is in it really!

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