Superbowl XLI Recap


This has been one hell of a game!

It was worth not sleeping, I’m a complete zombie at this point but I was on the edge of my seat throughout the game. It wasn’t swinging one way or another but it was one hell of a hard fought game.

There was no clear winner in the begging, with a touch own return at the kick-off it was insane! The rain affect the game completely, because there were so many turnovers. Manning I have to say didn’t perform perfectly but the Colts did stay calm throughout the game. The Bears didn’t put too much pressure offensively and their were mistakes that were made and I don’t know they were leading at the end of the first half.

With the interceptions they just kept taking the ball back flying and getting a touch down for the Colts. The Defensive team of the Colts put the pressure on the Bears they figured their rhythm and kept on pushing. Their were some throws from the Bears which gave the Colts the ball, and the Bears lost two balls at the snap which shouldn’t have happened twice. The rain had a huge affect on the game, but the Colts kept pushing at it and the Bears didn’t perform at 100% but it was still a huge effort for the Colts to get it. It was a combination of the running game and passing game which helped them win.

One hell of a game and the Colts deserves it, they worked hard for it.

Colts 29 : Bears 17

Link: ESPN

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  1. of course i’m the first one here.. my boys finally did it!! wohooo.. i’m a zombie too!!! ma2sah.. sleep walking through the office..

    the bears’ defense was strong all season and they started off the game strong as well.. but as soon as Manning calmed down and figured out their tactic, he started to not give the bears enough time to huddle.. his speed confused them a bit.. and the fact that he’s got more experience and is more prepared, it shook the bears to a point of no return.

    it was definitely an exciting game to watch with all the turn overs and challenges!

    FINALLY, the colts did it! :)))))))))))))))))))))))

  2. MSB: hehehe! They did it, I was happy for them, they deserved it and I didn’t want Manning to be known as the great QB who didn’t make it to a superbowl like Dan Marino! The Bears QB wasn’t good and he wasn’t able to catch up later. It was great!

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