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I have been burning a lot of DVDs the past year, it has reached the point where I burn three to four DVDs a week to watch all the different shows I am keeping up with. I have been using the Nero 7.03 with its DVD burning software and as of recently I have been using VSO ConvertXDVD.

Usually you can put a maximum of two 45 min episodes on a DVD, if you put more then two then the software will reduce the quality of the DVD so usually you wouldn’t want to do that.


  • You can customize the background and include music background in the menu
  • It can handle AVI and MPEGS but not MKV
  • Its very simple
  • Half way through a DVD it the sound and motion might distort so after that the sound is delayed 2-3 seconds which is extremely annoying, so after that I went looking for a different DVD burning software.

VSO ConvertXDVD:

  • This is a simple concentrated DVD burning software
  • Its flexibility is that it can burn practically everything to DVD, and the quality is extremely high.
  • I haven’t had any distortions with the DVDs that I burned with this software
  • Your only option with this software is changing the background, you can’t add background music
  • You can not move the titles or menu selection in the DVD menu
  • Your customization is limited, but the quality of conversion is the best I have seen

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  1. Nora-Cassandra

    I don’t do DVD burning even tough I think I have a burner in my PC! I don’t know maybe I’ll decide to do it some day.

    Just like you have been getting the season 6 of 24 and I have to wait for 17 weeks for it to get on DVDs.

    My cousin burns the Disney DVDs for my daughter so I’m not really against it, but may be as usual too lazy to start doing things that I need to work to find the way! JUAT LIKE CLEANING!

  2. nice , so you don’t view them on your pc ?

    Questions :)

    – Do you just burn with nero or convert them in someway ?
    – What about sub ? i tried to burn some anime/movies with sub and the sub went out of screen ( as in not showing )
    – What DvD player you use ?

  3. your wasting your money and your time, get the link theater by buffalo or the kiss technologies dp-600 and you can stream them HD from your PC right to your home theater system with full 5.1 surround and HD without wasting money and time on burning DVDs. the conversion takes so long then the burning of the dvd, its a waste. i got all my shows on my pc and i stream them anywhere in the house using any of the players i have mentioned above.

  4. I don’t burn much DVDs :r They take long to burn :/

  5. oooh… Marzouq, I almost don’t know what to say. I believed you were probably the most gadgety man I know in Kuwait but your…. “burning” DVDs? At worst, I’d accept sticking the avi file on a dvd and playing it on a dixv-enabled dvd player…. I’m going away to cry now ;-)

  6. Nora: hehehe! You had better burn if you dont want to wait 17 weeks for season 6 of 24! I couldn’t, a lot is revealed! hehehe! There are only a few things that motivate you! hehehe!

    forzaq8: Nope, I watch them on a large screen.

    1) Nero converts them and so does ConvertXDVD
    2) With ConvertXDVD it gets the subs automatically so dont worry about it.
    3) Onkyo DVD player and Xbox360

    Spicy Pepper: there is a lot of concrete between where I watch the episodes and where my wireless is located, so I thats why I burn, and I want to watch in highquality. If I’m going to get anything I’m going to get the Neodigits X5000 which has much better quality output, audio and video, but for now I’m burning!

    lfc-q8: The funny part is that it only has a 30 day warranty, I wonder why. It does look like a good device but I’m not sure. I will look for reviews!

    Jacqui: Yeah it takes 1.5 hours to burn because of the converting. The burning itself takes 2 mins!

    moocherx: hahahaha! I use a high quality converter god damn it! heehehe! I’m waiting to get something in mind!

  7. lfc-q8

    Z my friend has it since last year it works :)
    just get the case i guess it $109 and install any 2.5 HD into it and it will work great + it will work as a external HD case like anyother i have mine since 2 months back and its great :) trust me on this one

  8. lfc-q8: sweet then I will order it once I get my funds back to normal! I ordered some motorcycle parts so I took a hit with that! hehehe!

  9. If you do get one of these hdd based media players, I advise you to get one that supports 3.5″ hdd rather than the laptop drives. Reason being you get more size, more speed and less cost on the regular drives.

    I’ve got the MVIX 5000U (ordered from Amazon) for quite a few months now and its pretty cool so far.


    On the other hand you could go for more expensive and better solutions such as those mentioned by Spicy Pepper already.

  10. sabah: I want something that will last a while and its still highend! I have a few requirements in mind and I have been doing a lot of research into which machine fits the bill! I do like Spicy Pepper’s recommendation though!

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