System 76 Unbuntu Laptop


Now this is one interesting laptop, with all the usual bells and whistles of any laptop, but instead of Vista this comes with Unbuntu and I think thats ingenious! Unbuntu is one of the most user friendly Linux Operating Systems out there right now. This laptop can be set at $995 all the way to $2000 depending on the configuration, 100GB, Core 2 Dou 2.33GHz, 1.5GB Ram, Wifi a/b/g, bluetooth, DVD writer, and few other nifty additions. With a 13.3 inch screen a clean white shell, looks a bit like an Apple but its still different. I can appreciate something like this for someone who can’t do the install themselves.

Link: Engadget

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  1. but who will help you fix it when it goes down ?

  2. fadibou: no clue, but I bet it wouldn’t break really! hehehe

  3. Fix it? the hardware is the same as every other intel-based PC, and hence can be fixed by anyone who can normally fix laptops in bin khaldoun st, hawalli. The software part is the tricky one, but because it’s based on sturdy Linux, it won’t just break down on its own like Windows. No viruses, no trojans, no crap. Apple flaunts the fact that no viruses affect its mac OS X, and Linux (and thereby Ubuntu) can do exactly the same.

    and it’s Ubuntu, not Unbuntu :)

  4. Damn!!!!! that’s one fine piece of equipment you got there!!

    What make and model is it? i’ve been looking for ages for a laptop with Ubuntu preloaded on it here in Jordan… only found Suse, but i prefer Ubuntu with it’s apt-get.

  5. BLaSha: a little different!

    zeecu: I like UnBuntu! hehehe! very true it won’t be a problem with the software since its as solid as you get!

    faisal: Its right there System 76! The link is above!

  6. You got help once you startup Firefox. there forums. Also Video Casts now called “screen casts” on their page with step by step help to just learn the basics. Lookie!

    And if you use IRC, they have a room called #ubuntu hosted at there people there, asked anything. they will hook you up.

  7. Brady: Very nice, thanks for the info! I will be checking it out! I really do like Ubuntu!

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