Tristar Outing


This was a TriStar meet up at Green Island on Friday morning which I decided to go to. And I have to say that this is the reason why I like TriStar they are the people who ride motorcycles as well sell them. You could feel that they are trying to make a community from all these riders, and there are a lot of good people in this group with really cool motorcycles. It was a very organized ride from Green Island all the way to Julai’a which was a 45 minute ride and we were all riding along calmly. There were a few annoying drivers but it was a good ride and their are some pretty experienced riders riding with us which was good. Just before leaving we saw a group of 20 Harleys riding down the Gulf Road, I knew a few of them and so did the other people. We were a mixed bunch of motorcycles from cuisers to sports bikes, and to trail riding bikes, there was about 25 of us riding.

It was good to meet up with these people, but I had to leave because I had a few things on schedule and I went riding a little longer before heading home. I wish there were more places for bikers to ride. I still need to sort out the issue with my clutch but hopefully soon.












A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Nora-Cassandra

    I got tears in my eyes reading this one! I really do miss those days!:(

    Riding on the roads there. I do remember that there were not too many options for the motorbike riders for where to ride. I hope they do help you guys and give to you guys more options.

    Hope you get your clutch fixed soon. :)

  2. Slip Stream

    TriStar really do take care of there clients (and other motorcycle brands). when they do something they do it right…
    I got my eyes on the new 1098…that bike is no joke!!!! But I think i’ll stick to paved roads, thank you very much….

  3. Nora: Hopefully they will be developing some area’s in Kuwait so that it is pleasent to ride there! They need to make another coastal rode so that we can ride in comfort! And I hope to have the clutch fixed too and I have a few upgrades in mind as well!

    Slip Stream: yeah, they do a good job. I just wish they had a better workshop to accomodate more bikes and to cater to the highend bikes that they do have. They have good mechanics and good people. A nice garage always helps! The 1098 is very nice, I just have to wait though!

  4. trixter

    hey marzouq

    was so happy to see you yesterday with us
    pls keep comin an encourage mark and other cool riders to join us

  5. mustafa

    hey marzouq
    happy to see you Friday with us & thanks to TriStar , see u next week

  6. trixter: Will try to keep coming! I hope to get more people riding!

    mustafa: nice to see you too! See you next week as well!

  7. very cool i must say … you think anyone is willing to give this poor soul (me) a ride :p

    Just Kidding …

  8. jewaira

    You should ride as much as you can now that the weather is mild.
    I saw some bikers several weekends ago just before Julai’a and they looked very impressive :)

  9. Laialy: anytime your in Kuwait, and as long as the Helmet fits! hehehe

    Jewaira: I’m trying to ride as much as possible and get some people into it! I want to see who else wants to ride as well!

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