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These are the shows that I am currently watching and downloading!

Currently Watching:

  • 24
  • Prison Break
  • Heroes
  • Stargate Atlantis


  • Friday Night Lights
  • Day Break
  • Sleeper Cell
  • Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
  • The Class

24 is by far the best and following it up is Heroes, and then Prison Break. I am enjoying Stargate Atlantis, but I know it isn’t for everyone. The next on my list to watch at the end of the season is Friday Night Lights and Studio 60. Then during the summer I will be watching this year’s season of Smallville, Family Guy, and Scrubs. I think this will completely cover my TV time. I dont want 24 or Heroes to end! At the rate Prison Break is going it has to end to stay this good!

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  1. Watching by order of Favorite:
    1. Heroes
    2. Prison Break
    3. 24
    4. Lost
    5. Rome

    * Heroes is by far the one with best surprises each episode.
    * Prison Break is losing it then it picks up again but over all good.
    * 24 is getting annoying and the director is making loads of mistakes which makes this great series lose value, season 5 was better.
    * Lost is lost, I don’t know if they know what they are doing with this series, I heard they don’t know how to end it and they are looking for good scenarios to finish the story.
    * Rome is getting more and more exciting but it needs more action, as there are sections when they talk for like 5 minutes on a single dialog, this is week especially if the discussion is pointless.

  2. Nora-Cassandra

    I would add Lost to my list too!

    But I have to say, I haven’t met a Kuwaiti guy ever when I was still living there that has such a good taste in TV and movies. :)

    We rent our shows, I pay 10euros for the full season of 24 and could keep it for 2 weeks! We get it with the Greek subtitles and the special features too. (My husband is Greek). For me if I could get the full thing on original DVDs then I rather that.

    We’ll be starting with the Prison Break season 1 in less that 15 min!! I’m excited with all you’ve been telling us about it!

    What is the Heroes? I never heard of that one over here!

  3. fadibou: I really think that 24 is doing pretty good, I’m not sure if anything is out of place. I really like this season! And your right about Prison Break and Heroes! I like Rome, and like you said Lost is lost!

  4. lfc-q8

    heroes heroes heros :) hiro namakura is da man :) and rome as well ;)

  5. Ugh if I told you what I was watching you would just kill me hehehe :P

    I am up to date on the following shows in alphabetical order:
    – 30 Rock (Alec Baldwin makes me come back every week)
    – Desperate Housewives (You all know about it)
    – Dirt (Interesting, Disgusting yet intriguing)
    – Friday Night Lights (A GREAT GREAT GREAT DRAMA SHOW!)
    – Gilmore Girls (I watch it out of habit really)
    – Heroes (I hated it at first but I am soo hooked on it I can’t believe it)
    – Las Vegas (OMG I just adore this show! The stories and the actors are great)
    – One Tree Hill (It lost a tiny bit of its edge this season but its great overall)
    – Rome (SIMPLY AMAZING!)
    – Studio 60 on Sunset Strip (Gotta love the drama about writing a Comedy show)
    – The Class (Its hilarious! And so light on your spirits, I watch it when I’m down)
    – Til Death (I watch it just for the heck of it since I get free time during weekends)
    – Ugly Betty (One of the best new comer series this year!)

    And I can’t see myself ending any of those shows or even awaiting the season finale for any of them :(

  6. lfc-q8: I gotta say that I do love Hiro Nakamura too! he is greta!

    Jackie: I knew you would be all over it! hehehe! I told you Friday Night lights is damn good! Dont question mE! hehehehe

    Laialy: Greys anatomy is pretty damn good too! You should watch some of the other shows too! Get a tivo, you won’t regret it, even if its for a bit! Its worth it! :)

  7. LOL Actually I told you about it, I read about the pilot and I was like hmmm let’s check it out and I did and then told you dimwit :P

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