WordPress Upgrade! … maybe!


I have been procrastinating the upgrade to WordPress 2.1, I am still on 1.something. I have this fear of everything disappearing even though I know that isn’t the case, but still its on my mind. I just wish it was easier. I know I have to disable the plug-ins, copy some files on my hd to copy back later to the server but I just have this feeling that everything will disappear! hehehe!

I need to do it soon, to sort out a few problems I have on the back end like not being able to embed video or audio files on the page, or sometimes I can’t do manual editing and from I heard it solves all the problems. I will be doing the upgrade this week, just not sure when!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. yakhee laish shayil ham

    copy the wp-contents folder to ur hardrive
    oo bas
    delete wp-admin, wp-includes, oo the files on the root folder (leave the files u added alone , compare the files u have there with the ones in the wordpress version u downloaded) oo then upload wp-admin, wp-includes, oo the filies in the root folder. bring up the upgrade.php thingi
    oo ur set :P

    or do what jacqui does, use the one click isntall with dreamhost (although i dont trust bots doing such a thing)

  2. Bots do things faster, it takes up to 5 mins to have the new upgrade up and running :P

    And dont listen to Yazeed!

  3. loooool
    i moved the blog from /blog without backing up anything

    i thought: if it goes … it’s gone

    but good luck

    it should be easier than it actually sounds

  4. a5af agool move to blogger a5af an6aq :/

  5. Yazeed: I will copy the wp-contents and the wp-plugins and theme.. then I will do the one button install! hehehehe!

    Jacqui: I’m with you on that! hahahaha

    Laialy: yeah, I know it should eb easier! Its just me being rediculous!

    BLaSha: NEVER!!!!! hehehehe

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