Top Gear gets Attacked


Top Gear is an entertaining show, but I dont usually follow it. I watch it from time to time, and this episode was nothing short of a shocker. Its only a 7 minute clip but I was in shock and laughing pretty hard.

Link: YouTube

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  1. Watya

    looooooooooool….. Thats red necks for you!! A recommendation for the next show is to dress up in Dishdasha’s and then you will get there reactions! haha!

  2. oh this is the latest episode of the new season ( season 9 episode 3 )

    they went crazy

  3. loooooooooooooooooool
    i saw it as one of the top videos last night, but i thought it was rednecks trying to imitate top gear,
    i’m glad u posted it

    “the rednecks arrived” looooooooooooooool

    hahahaha i cant stop laughing!
    i’ll give the link to the rednecks with me in class later today :P
    qaweeya wallah qaweeya

  4. i really really enjoy watching this show, my big bro and i watch it together when he downloads new episodes in the summer

    wallah good times :)

  5. K: Hell yeah!

    Watya: now that would be something to try!

    forzaq8: hell yeah they went nuts!! Funny as hell though!

    Yazeed: hahaha! Let me know what your rednecks think! hahaha!

    Laialy: very nice times! :)

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