i-mate Ultimate Line


It seems i-mate has gone all out with their new line of phones, USB 2.0, Windows 6.0 Professional, Fm Radio, tri band, probably HSDPA, and a few other tricks up their sleeve. I tend to like the i-mate phones and from my experience they can take quite a beating. I still have an SP3 which is still in complete working order from 2.5 years ago. The Microsoft interface isn’t the best but you can really use the features it has. And if you like surfing then their phones are great for that, its the personalization which is a bit annoying, but I’m curious to see these new models when they come out.

More pictures below.

i-mate 5150


i-mate 6150


i-mate 7150


i-mate 8150


i-mate 9150


Link: Engadget

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  1. :: Nice collection i had PDA2K before. and now there is 7150 ! seems like a mini laptop !

  2. MTC/Wataniya need to offer HSDPA services to voice accounts before I get a phone with HSDPA … right now its restricted to data lines.

    That said, I have issues with I-Mates, they are PDA’s with phone features.. I prefer a phone with PDA features.

  3. I have to agree with K … A PDA is a PDA and right in the region as a whole support for their services is plainly limited, so it is better to get a phone with some of the PDA features that work rather than going all the way for a PDA with phone features.

    Event he P990 has a lot of services that are not supported in the region that we can benefit from.

  4. Carlsb3rg

    Windowns mobile is just such a turn off for me .. Im looking forwards for samsungs ultra line.. unless Sony ericsson realease something really amazing soon.

  5. Windows mobile sucks.. waiting on the iPhone

  6. Frankom: yeah, it seems like a small laptop, its going to be interesting when they come out with these!

    K: I agree with you, they are pdas with phone features, I wish it was more phone oriented! that is their problem!

    Fractal: The P990 is too big, those imates are smaller!

    Carlsb3rg: I find the windows line more bearable then the samsung OS!

    G-Funk: be ready for a disappointment! there can be a lot of problems with a cell phone, so they have a lot things that can go wrong!

  7. K, it depends which model you get. I wanted a phone with PDA features, and have owned the SP3 and SP5m and they were AWESOME. Windows Mobile, Phone Edition. The larger PDA-shaped phones ARE more PDA than phone, for sure. But some people want that. I honestly believe i-mate are great, and thanks Marzouq for drawing their new models to my attention. I’m going to check out the 8150 because I prefer more phone functionality, and need the keypad easily accessible. I’ve been using an N73 lately, and there’s just too much I miss from my SP5m, but mostly being able to quickly get to the SMS functions, AND to find people by typing in phone numbers, and using predictive text to find contacts.

  8. moocherx: I agree that the imates have some pretty nifty features and functionality, they just lack a little seamlessness when using it.

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