Lots of Tissue


24 was insane the last two episodes! I was going nuts and I really hate a few people in the show, I can’t wait until they get killed. It’s insane that this brings out so much emotion in us while watching it. I’m going to be making posts related to 24 and I think it will take some time since it will need some organization on my part.

I also have been feeling a little under the weather the past two days and last night it really acted up. I was just happy I got some riding in the morning. But now it has acted it up and its funny how people always have an opinion of what to do. I got so many conflicting opinions it was funny, and everything always revolves around antibiotics! I have taken a few tylenol extra pills and thats it, pretty much some soup and a few other things. I’m hoping it will subside, but last night I slept like a log because I felt tired as hell.

Earlier in the day I got a chance to play Lost Planet, and I have to say I am really enjoying the game. I can picture how Online gameplay can be better. Its about missions and other things, and it does take a good amount of time. I like how there are different kinds of weapons from the start and you have to learn which one to use. The enemy has to be smart as well as you.

Towards the end of the night the cold got the best of me and I passed out early. I’m hoping that it will get better soon, because I have too much work to do!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Nora-Cassandra

    You have to stop making me want to see the season 6 of 24! I really want to see that!

    I’m watching the Prison Break season 1!! Man thanks for telling me about it it’s good! But 24 will stay on the top of my list!

    I hope you’ll feel better soon! I hate winter and the bad annoying weather and all the darkness!

    Well the time will pass and be seeing summer again soon!

  2. lfc-Q8

    get well soon :) vit C panadol and zertyk

  3. Missy-TheOriginal

    aw… sowwy! It’s the season for that- Ud know the signs of spring and nashlas as soon as u see the appearance of the Dragonflies outside! Nuh-uh! Antibiotics are not healthy!! Just squeeze lemmons in your bottles of water and keep drinking all day, germs are bound to get out of your system! And of course zee Chicken Soup- Yum! ;) Allah ya7fi’6ik o yashfeek soon.

  4. If it’s a cold, eat a lot. Antibiotics should never be used, unless it’s for an infection (not a virus). And definitely don’t work out if you’re under the weather. But to cure symptoms, any tablets with pseudoephedrine in are great! You get a light buzz and a completely clear head/nose.

  5. Loca in Kuwait

    Sorry to hear that your under the weather, I hope you feel better soon. Rest and fluids are the best things for you now, maybe this was your bodys way of getting some rest since you are always on warp speed, your body decided to do covert tactics on you.

  6. Mo Hat

    eh marzouq i have what you have, i sympathize

  7. Nora: loooool! I’m telling you its damn good! yeah Prison Break is good but 24 is better! Summer here is too damn hot!

    lfc-q8: thanks!

    Missy: loool! Dragonflies! Really? hehehe! thank you, but I had to go to the doc I was in bad shape!

    moocherx: I tried eating a lot and even drinking a lot of fluids, but man I was in bad shape after yesterday!

    Loca: thanks! loooool! My body is counter acting all my progress! hehehe

    Mo Hat: yeah man, it sucks!

  8. Missy-TheOriginal

    Ouch it was that bad, huh? lol e marzouq dragonflies! For years now at the end of winter I notice them flying when i’m driving or looking out the window and they ALWAYS come out at the beginning of spring- I read once in an article somewhere- and that’s usually the season for nashla and 7asasiya.. lol c? dragonflies can come in handy… next year when you c ’em gulp down Vit. C =P

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