Hooligans Are Out


They will be out in force! I warn those who are in the streets it shall start so watch out. I will be avoiding all roads where there could be a possible attack.


  • Lock Your Doors as you Drive
  • Have a bottle of Water to clean your eyes out just in case
  • Avoid the crowded roads

War Front A

The Police are putting up barriers on the Gulf Road so that if you enter the Gulf Road from any point starting from British Embassy/Kuwait Towers you will not be able to exit until Bida’a/Rumaithiya. These barriers will force you to be stuck next to the idiots with the water guns that could be filled with anything and the kids who will try to open your door and spray you any way possible.

War Front B

In the beach house area such as Julai’a, Bnaider, Khairan, and Mina Abdulla there will be barriers put up by the police, there will be a lot of buggies around so watch out as you drive. From what I know there will be lots of people visiting that area as well from mukhayamaat or Camps. So its going to be very hectic, if you want to see then get on a high perch with a binoculars or get in your car and lock the windows.

I’m going to see if I can take pictures over the next couple of days, but I’m going to try to avoid getting messed up. Good luck to all!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Nora-Cassandra


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  3. heheheheeh how nice!!!
    i mean seriuosly the streets are all dirty packed! and looks like a zoo
    with monkeys dancing on cars and hurassing other ppl!!
    the problem is .. no bananas will keep them away from u .. theyre just everywhere.
    yesterday .. they pulled the windshields .. and foamed the entire front and side windows!!! :S
    how dangerous and mean is that!
    how can u drive when u cant see athing!
    – e7m –
    sorry i had to rant somewhere :p
    but thanks for the tips ;)
    and u be careful biker maaz .. if they attack u there will be no doors to lock.

  4. Nora: Thanks!

    Aqib: Very cool, checking it out!

    no3ik: I know what you mean, its suicide with these little monkeys! And I think someone should put them down. The sad part is that families see it as way to get rid of their kids for a little while and forget about them, that is why so many are running around without anyone watching them!

    MAZE: yeah! it sucks!

    Amo0ora: not anymore!

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