Friends and Traveling


This an interesting topic especially here in Kuwait. People you enjoy going out with and chilling may not necessarily be the right kind of person to travel with. I have learnt from living abroad there are certain kinds of people you can travel with and its usually the kind that fit your style and are flexible to a certain degree, it could take anything to ruin a trip.

I’m the kind that likes planning somethings and not plan somethings, and I usually like going all out, not doing a half-assed job. I also don’t like cheap people, they completely get on my nerves, whats the point of going on holiday if your going to be stingy. I usually save up for a trip for a while before going, and if I’m going to go on holiday I usually don’t want to hold back because I want to enjoy myself and relax. It doesn’t necessarily mean spending, but it is usually about being up for a good time. And from what I have seen its surprising how stubborn some people can get in different situations.

Another thing I notice is when people commit and then back out, what is the point of committing if your going to back out, and its rare they have a good reason to back out. I pick and choose who I travel with, and since I don’t get much holidays in the first place I save up my time to travel with the right friend. And keeping the group small is key to a good trip.

This thought popped into my head because of the last couple of group travels that have fallen apart since people were canceling the last minute and details weren’t being ironed out because they just wouldn’t commit. Pick and choose who you travel with.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Holla

    They are called flakes man. Although i hate it when ppl OVERplan for stuff. i like to go with the flow and try to at least salvage a trip. i hate when ppl are too picky about what they want to do.

  2. I think overplanning is better than underplanning. For instance, before traveling to a certain location, I surf a couple of sites and try to find local gems that aren’t considered very “touristy.” I so don’t regret spending a few hours to corner down such places and events before I go to the place in mind, because that’s mostly the reason why my traveling friend and I had so much fun in the US even if our break was a mere five days; we got so much out of it…

  3. i know exactly what you mean … EXACTLY
    there are only a few people i can travel with
    there has to be a mutual understanding, a click or something otherwise it’s a complete waste of TIME and MONEY

  4. I’m going to the states in august wanna join? and to Cali too…:)

  5. Holla: I know what flakers are its just annoying when they keep doing it! Its not just to overplan but you can’t just wing it either, the way I see it is keeping your options open so if you dont have anything to do you got options on a trip, not just sit there and do nothing!

    erzulie: Yes I agree with you 100%! Finding those kinds of places are key, and as I said its about who you go with!

    Laialy: yup!

    MAZE: Enjoy! I will be going earlier hehehe! I got plans in mind! Lots of plans! hehehe

  6. shareef

    That pic remind of the interstate system in us

  7. Shareef: its from California to be exact!

  8. Nora-Cassandra

    I have to read everything you wrote for the last 3 weeks now! I had problems with my PC and I just got it back last night!

    I totally agree with you on this topic! But it’s not just travelling, it’s simply going out! Like going for a party, dinner or even to another country!

    I do hate those how don’t commit like you say. I was going to a seminar 2 months ago. It was all planed and 3 friends coming along. Then 2 hours before one of them calls and says: I won’t be able to make it because my boyfriend felt bad because I’m going with friends on a Sunday instead of spending the day with him!
    For me that made me so mad. Why did she promise and plan the day with me with out making sure she will come? I think if it was an emergency or something I wouldn’t have got angry, but it’s the lack of commitment that drives me off the wall!

    I travel with my family or then with one friend that I know fits the travelling friend’s description. We did travel many times already with her and had a lot of fun. But I never managed to find a friend that shares more than half of my interests! So I do end up wishing that I did so and so on my trips. Well as long as I have had fun I think the trip was worth it and successful.

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