SimpleHuman Sensor Can


This is probably one the best practical invention I have seen, I have always managed to flip or break the trash cans with step lid opening mechanicm, but for this one they were smart. You put your foot in the sensor area at the bottom and it will open, there is also a little mechanism to keep it open if you need to while cooking. It can operate on a power adapter on a few D-Cell batteries. I love these types of practical inventions because it makes things simpler around the house. I remember just buying a trash can with an open lid so I can just toss things in it while cooking to keep the are clean, but later on the smell of whatever you threw would still be there unless you throw out the trash right then and there. This gives you an alternative option and it just makes things more convenient.

Link: UnCrate

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  1. it looks really nice and clean … however trashcans tend to get dirty somehow and i am not sure how easy it would be to clean this up :/
    but it’s cool looking, however i am questioning some of it’s functionality

  2. Laialy: its all metal its easily cleanable, you just spray it and wipe it down without a second thought! I know its good! I bet you it is! :)

  3. Kayle

    I have had this trashcan for about 6 months. It worked well for the first 3 and was just great. Since then, it has had ongoing problems and I cannot seem to get it working well for more than a few days before they start up again. Batteries shouldn’t need to be changed every week, especially 6 D batteries, but that seems at the moment to be my only fix, and even that doesn’t always work; it just goes on the blink with great regularity. I think it’s a great idea but needs some improvement…it’s a lot of money to spend on something that only works for a little while.

  4. Reddns

    I have the same problems with the bin.
    After 2 months it stopped working.
    changing the batterys did not solve the prob.
    I recieved a new bin from my store including a 9 v adapter and this worked for almost a month and stopped again.
    Now I have to go back again to the shop and honnestly thinking of asking my money back.
    It is a greath thing so long as it works.
    I hope They find the problem and solve it for future customers.

  5. Reddns: Thanks for letting us know, they probably need to go back to the drawing back to fix these problems!

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