IKEA Visit


So yesterday my mother wanted to go somewhere to walk and so she said IKEA, I thought it was a good idea since I haven’t been there yet and I keep hearing about it. Its a bit hard to miss driving down the fifth ring road, so we drove in and I remember to park in the underground parking. I was suprised the place was packed full of people and everyone with their carts, kids, and family all over the place. I have to say that I like this IKEA more because things are more spread out and I feel like there is a better selection of things, since I was really familiar with the old store.

I find it funny when I’m always looking for the arrow on the ground, I bet if it wasn’t there people would really get lost. I have to say that IKEA brings together the biggest mix of people all in one place. It really is funny, I think it is probably the best place for people watching since you will see every kind of person and from every nationality in Kuwait. It was nice walking around there, I made a few mental notes to pick up a few things from there at a later point. That time was just a visit and I didn’t feel like picking anything up or waiting in those longs lines. I think they did a good job with the new IKEA.







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  1. Missy-TheOriginal

    Yesss!!! I like IKEA cuz it has a cozy-family ambience. It makes me so happy to see people with their families or spouses. And it’s really nice of you to accompany your mom. Allah i5alilik Iyaha ya rab =)

  2. i was there today…it was packed!

  3. I was about to take pictures of a desk I liked since we were about to remodel the basement, and this dumbass comes to me and tells me no pictures are allowed hehe even camera phone ones! It’s not as if I’m taking a naked Maxim photoshooot of his face you know! So it’s odd you got in that many pictures LOL!

  4. Berserk-KW

    i went there i think back in december.. or maybe early january, not sure.. but what i do remember that it was HUGE!
    i went with a friend and we were just browsing around.. i think if you walk normally, without browsing, it’ll probably take about 40 minutes to just walk through it from how huge it was (i might be exaggerating, but that’s how i felt =|)

  5. Laialy: yeah its a bit like that!

    Missy: mashkoora, yeah its nice seeing families enjoying themselves, I’m always curious to see families interacting with their children.

    Maze: Its always packed!

    Jacqui: Don’t worry about it, I’m very covert and I’m a little bigger then the average IKEA employee, and with my camera I can take some nice shots without anyone noticing! Everyone keeps thinking its a damn phone! hehehehe

    Pearls: looool!

    Berserk: yeah, it is pretty big and it does take a decent amount of time to walk through it, and longer to browse through it!

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