Heat is Coming


It seems that the heat is really coming since I can’t even wear my winter dishdashas anymore so I wore a spring dishdasha I have only two of them so I will be using my summer dishdashas as well.

I dont know when I get off work and the sun is still out and I have some good music going I feel like its just such a good day when driving
This combination makes for a great drive:

  • Flowing traffic, so your moving at a really good pace
  • Sunny outside
  • Really good and relaxing music, making you feel that your in a different place
  • Cool air hitting you

When driving with this good combination I’m really somewhere else sometimes, feeling like I was in a San Diego or San Francisco. Just totally being out of it and it comes to end when I get to my destination.

With the heat coming I just hope it doesn’t get very hot quickly since I still want to ride more and get some good riding without the heat.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. It amazed me over this holiday period how much the temperature jumped in a couple of days. I’ve been helping with this dog charity in Wafra, walking the dogs during the day. Now I’m sunburnt, and on the Friday it was 23 but by Sunday it got to 31 at the same time… time for sunscreen…

  2. moocherx: yeah its turning around quickly! And thats great of you helping out the dog charity! I bet these dogs are a hell of a lot of fun!

  3. when i read the topic i thought of that really old song that starts with “the heat is on …”
    sorry to burst your bubble but your a long way from san fran’ and diego man :p

  4. Laialy: Dont worry about it! I always think about it!

    MAZE: It will get interesting!

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