Review: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night by Mark Hadon


I got this book as a recommendation from Max Barry since I enjoy his tastes in books. This is the story of an autistic boy named Christopher Boone who is trying to discover who killed the dog, and he tries to figure out prime numbers and multiples of two to calm down. He goes through this world as if it is a shock to his senses. This is a smartly funny and very heart felt story about the young man and living his life. You want to see how he goes about doing things we take for granted, and how difficult it is for an autistic person to understand emotion so he finds it easy to understand animals and numbers since they are logical. Your heart goes out to the young man and his family and you really are viewing things from his point of view. This book has broadened my outlook and my hat goes off to the other for making such as simple story so reviting by giving it from the point of view from this young man, and what his family goes through is what many go through but also they are very understanding towards him. This isn’t a book you pick up everyday, but worth a read because you really do feel you were touched as well as learning something new. It’s an easy story to read but it will have a lastin affect.

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A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Missy-TheOriginal

    Oh yeah, heard about this one. He deserves the “Commonwealth Writer’s Prize Overall Best First Book” for it. A rave in the UK about it. I didnt personally read it since I don’t like to read about disabled people in general but I heard it was very good. lol its funny- like you said it is very simple that his publisher actually suggested he aims it for both adults and children. Let’s just hope he keeps it up. You know, It’s a bit challenging when you strike a bulls eye with your first novel, you set a high standard for your own self. I rarely see new novelists keep it up. Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Thank you for reviewing this book. . . Amazon keeps recommending it to me, and I couldn’t understand why. Now I do. I think I better order it, too!

  3. interesting plot, however we all know how i feel about reading *thumbs down* :p

  4. as someone who has read it – and enjoyed it immensely- I totally agree with your review (actually I was holding my breath while reading it and then when I figured that it was a positive review i let out a sigh of relief). It is a great book – and the reader can’t help but empathize with the young boy – because it gives us the chance to see the world through a different lens and its especially important since we either come across autistic people or may even have them as members of our families. Brings a whole new light to looking at the world through someone-elses eyes.

  5. im not much of a reading person. it had to be a really eye catching story or else ill get bored of it really easily..

    2 books i loved were ‘to kill a mocking bird’ and ‘girl with the pearl earing’ i enjoyed reading them

    anyways, i got an english paper where i gotta read a book and kinda write a whole paper about it.. do you recommend this one for me ?
    if not, since you read alot, what books would u recommend..

    sorry adrii athaitik bss since u like reading i thought id ask u ;p Thanx

  6. Missy-TheOriginal

    I’m not sure how old you are and what books would suit your studies but try:

    1) A small book called “Green Angel” by Hoffman. I’m not sure if you can find it in Kuwait. It’s a very interesting story about a young girl who loses her family and she struggles to survive physically and emotionally in a place where nothing grows and ashes everywhere. Uniquely, the writer uses ‘plants/flowers’ characteristics to describe this girl’s world- you ask yourself sometimes if she’s really talking about a real human. Very symbolic, you can discuss motifs such as “Hope and faith, or even a comparison between the girl and a flower (that would be interesting), healing and love”. Book 120 pages, similar to marzouq’s book it has short sentences, clear and to the point.

    2) A beautiful book by Sue Monk Kidd “The Secret Life of Bees”. It’s roughly 290 pages and I’m sure you’ll love it!! It’s a about a little girl who lost her mother and with her nanny are forced to run away and then set up a project to make honey. There is so much symbolism in this book about ‘bees and honey’, ‘american prejudice against blacks’ and ‘childhoon/maturity’. The language is easy and very beautiful. This would be a good book to write a paper on.

    3) Since you like Tracy Chivalier’s G.W.A.P.E, you can try “The Virgin Blue” by the same writer. It’s a dark mystery about this woman that shares the same characteristics of another french woman in the past and she tries to solve the mystery. Thins you can tackle here like the writer’s inclination to use paintings and art to reflect characters and evens (just like the book you read).

    Coming from an academic background and perspective, i’d probably go for #2 if i were you, and I know its what your teachers will appreciate most, but then again you have to read something you would like in order to make the best critique.

    Hope that was helpful,
    Allah iwafgich, Good Luck

  7. Missy, thats soo sweeet of you… thank you so much i really appreciate your help.

    the plots of all three books seem interesting, i dont know how you knew but those are the books i get interested in cuz theyr eye catching..
    i love Tracy Chivalier’s way of writing in g.w.a.p.e.
    ill have a look around in the bookstores for them.
    walla thank you so much for your help, thats soo nice of you.
    a million thank you’s wont be enough :)

  8. Missy-TheOriginal


    Anytime 7abibti, you’re most welcome :) Yeah, I kind of felt what sort of books you like. Yes do that o I’m sure you’ll ace that paper ;) Best of luck- Allah iwafgich =**

  9. Missy: I think its worth a read, you would be suprised what you learn from it!

    Intlxpatr: You will enjoy it!

    Laialy: loool!

    cixousianpanic: I’m happy you liked the review, and like I said its a good book, gives you a new perspective on things.

    Amo0ora: I really do recommend this book, because its an easy read and you really do learn something, taking in a different persepctive!

    It seems Missy answered Amo0ora’s question! hehehe! I would have to go through some of the books that I read recently. There are some good ones but nothing off the top of my head! There are a lot of people who read more then me and it seems Missy has to all the info for you! :)

  10. james

    It is the best book i have ever read i would recomend to friends and family

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