9 Drawbacks to Being an Evil Villain

1. Costumes never fit right

2. It’s hard to find decent help

3. All the good themes are taken

4. Shark tanks aren’t cheap

5. It is hard to keep a relationship

6. Batman

7. Superheroes make the stupidest jokes

8. Every now and then, you’re forced to do something good

9. You never really win

The link has the full description of each and its pretty damn funny! There are always some cool villains, but this list is just funny. ShoutWire

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  1. 6ERBAAAAKH !!!

    LOOOL ee wala saj;p batman w superman ba3ad ! :P

    me liking ;p

  2. Missy-TheOriginal

    10. You are always rich with lavish castles, endless harems, and a bulldozering army but when you die there’s no offsprings to inherit your money.

    11. You always get an ugly..ugly death…sliced and diced spikes up your chests and electricuted hair particles, or better yet an acid-infused melted skin.

    12. They never find your body for autopsy and for some weird reason your body always disappears with a smoke effect while everywhere is smiling and there’s no way the cast of CSI can investigate your genes.

    13. …. (I should skip this for the faint hearted) hehehee…

    I laughed so hard on the description of 9…

    I love you, thanks for cheering me up- I was walking with a black cloud on my head all day lol..

  3. Missy-TheOriginal

    oh no! I meant number 6 that made me laugh mo 9… hehe… galabt il number :P

  4. loooooooooooooooool
    eg3aad, aham shay BATMAN *starts singing the batman theme*
    nanananananananana batman Pow

  5. Got me wondering about who might be the coolest villain.

  6. um-mit3iib: loool! hehehehe

    Missy: loool! Im happy it entertained you! :)

    Laialy: I know seriously!

    3baid: I think about that sometimes too!

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