Great Tristar Service


My motorcycle has been in the garage for the past two and half weeks waiting for some parts to arrive from Germany and the same time I got it some parts to be installed. I was told that I would get my bike by this weekend. After coming back from work yesterday night I got a call from the Tristar driver telling me that he is very close to my house and it was around 6:30pm.

I asked the man if he has my bike and he said yes, I asked him if they finished fixing my bike and he said yes. So I was surprised they sent my bike to me early and no notification. It felt like I was getting a present for no reason, I was completely and happily surprised. So I went outside to find my bike sitting in front of my house, it was like seeing an old friend. I wanted to hug my bike, I didn’t realize I missed him that much. I didn’t have to pay a penny even for the installation of the accessories or the warranty work.

There is no substitute for good service, let alone great service. After my constant interaction with Tristar on different occasions. I don’t think I will be buying from somebody else in Kuwait anytime soon. There are cheaper motorcycles out there, and some are faster, or might do something better, but the service they provide gives you peace of mind, and they really do honor their two year warranty. And my bike has completed year since this problem occurred. I have to say that I am impressed and I’m a very happy customer.






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  2. dude i ordered my silencers last saturday, they told me it needed 2-3 weeks to get here and yesterday they called me to tell me they arrived. took 1 week exactly!

  3. Mark: Sweet! That is the best thing in the world getting it early! I was happy they fixed up my bike! It was like christmas!

  4. 6abee-e

    I have an old LT that I traded it in for a newer one and still have it, and a JS which I love both the treatment I get is without exageration royal.
    pick up when I am out of town and by the time I get bake in 4 days the bike is back in my garage sparkling.
    I just love it.

  5. Jacqui: Very!

    6abee-e: Yeah its fantastic!

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