Technic Wall Lamp


I always think about an industrial looking room or having it be a bit modern looking with the right furniture. This kind of lamp appeals to me, its functional and has its own style. Its something you can have in an office or an art gallery. It can be rotated to point in any direction. Its great for direct lighting and especially putting below an art piece that you really want to show. And for $50 this isn’t too bad.

Link: UnCrate

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  1. very cool, remind me of track light which are like spot lights except you can direct them to certain places in the room.
    to much HGTV for me :/

  2. Unless it’s a halogen bulb, I feel like it’s not modern enough :/

  3. Laialy: loool! Its nice though

    3baid: I think it would do the job! Some halogen causes too much heat.

  4. looks like those lights they use in nightclubs :P GET IT!! :)

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