Thanks to Angelo’s post I checked out AnimeTV for the first episode which is a video podcast about anime. Its a bunch of people who are enthusiatic about anime and the host Johnny Yong Bosch (Voice of Vash the Stampede, and Ichigo from Bleach). I just saw the 2nd episode and its quiet an improvement, with a funny part to it. I hope they keep going like this but bring us more recent animes, for now I think they are covering the major ones to establish a base for them which is good. They air every thursday, and its only around 18 mins long, worth checking out.

Link: AnimeTV

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  1. Missy-TheOriginal

    I’ve tried a lot to get an anime network on our receiver at home. I only managed to get normal Japanese channels and I ended up watching their series, documantries,news, and kareoake nights instead of anime (cuz they dont air any).

    Do tell me if it’s any good…

  2. Missy-TheOriginal

    Ok… (round 2 of missy’s-going-cookoo) I just realized you were talking about a WEB show and not a t.v. channel. ifff… I dunno what’s wrong with me lately =/

  3. Yes, it seems they are covering the famous one before they move to much smaller (and probably less popular anime) like Paranoia Agent and etc. The segment “Made in Japan” was hilarious but I couldn’t figure out what was it purpose :)

    I think they said the next episode is not due until next week’s Thursday…and they are going to review Naruto…that will be interesting…

    BTW, you should submit a review or something to them ;)

  4. Missy: looooooool! Ok, I think its worth checking out and you will enjoy it!

    Angelo: yeah it was hilarious! that guy made me bust up laughing!

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