2008 BMW M3


This is the new M3 concept car from BMW it looks great in my opinion. I hope it handles just as good as it looks because the E46 M3 wasn’t that impressive and didn’t handle as well as it should have. I think BMW has done a good job with this M3 and hopefully this is how it will go into production but with one little modification. Making the rear a little more aggressive looking. I really like the front look, side look, and the rims, but the back needs to be made more aggressive looking.

  • 425 – 450 bhp (not specified yet)
  • High revving V8 Engine
  • 6 Speed Manual
  • Carbon Fiber Roof
  • Aluminum Hood
  • 19 Light Alloy Rims, Classic Y-Spoke
















Link: LeftLaneNews

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  1. Hellraiser

    Geeez Louise!!! This is one Heck of a BMW, I love it.

  2. jewaira

    is this the same one in the paper the other day – Al-Ghanim reported they had already taken orders for 200 of them?

    It is a beauty

  3. Looks like a baby M5… not bad. oo 7aram 3alaik the E46 can’t handle! That thing was amazing on the track it eats corners for breakfast lunch and dinner!

  4. It’s nice… it has a 9a3roora on its front looooooool… abey its cute and funny…

  5. :: Big “M” Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan ….

    very cool

  6. i saw it in a car show in France. that is one kick ass car!

  7. lfc-Q8

    what beauty

  8. Once it hits the roads in Kuwait ra7 eghabber el loun and it will look quite ordinary. Don’t like it much. Now the M6……….. THAT’s one heck of a car

  9. “The M6 is for posers”

    Still hot, though

  10. Hellraiser: they made it nice

    jewaira: nope! Thats the 3 series coupe, they dont have this yet! hehehe

    K: Compared to the 97 model it doesnt! That one is a go KArt!

    Missy: looool! I love how girls think of cars! Sa3roora 3aad! hahaha

    Frankom: Nice

    Mark: hahahaha

    بومريوم: needs to be a little more aggressive

    lfc-q8: yup

    MacaholiQ8: very much so

    EniGma: hehehe! :) Yes the M6 is nice!

    K: hahahaha! A little tweaking and its there! hehehe!

    Jacqui: yup!

  11. Perry

    BMW… nothing can go rong for them. M3 420 Hp V8, don’t know if i can love BMW any more than how i do now(sigh!) “The Ultimate Driving Machine”
    Q: Can it beat 0-60 4.8 sec on the current M3?

  12. nice carrrr……would look even sexier in blackkk…..its eye dazzling…..i bet d ladies would luv for their man to drive dis car…..

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