Schengen Visas, and UK Visas


I realized I had to renew my Schengen Visa since I might have to travel to Europe for work for a couple of days, and I had to check on the UK Visa as well, but I didn’t need that. This is the number of days it takes to get a Schengen Visa from any of these embassies except the UK is for the UK Visa. It could be less then the stated time, but that is the official number of days it takes to get that Visa it might be less. I got my Visa from the German embassy and it took 4 days.

To get a Schengen or UK Visa you need:

  • Travel Itinerary with booked tickets
  • Hotel Reservations

Official Duration 2 Days

Official Duration 4 Days

Official Duration 15 Days

Official Duration 7 Days

Official Duration 10 Days

Official Duration 2 Days

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  1. I applied for a visa at the French Embassy on Tuesday 20th of February and got the Visa on Tuesday the 27th! That’s without any travel documents of hotel reservations!

  2. a-ha… it’s good to see the most efficient is the British Embassy and the least efficient (“quelle surprise”) is the French. I know the Austrians were also 2 days, but then Hitler was Austrian so being ruthlessly punctual must be in the genes.

    Happy travels.

  3. jewaira

    good to know…need to apply as well

  4. what about that travel agency in duwaliya center which gives out french visas ?

    that’s how i got mine last year

  5. UK embassy is the best! they are always quick and efficient…

  6. China the Italian embassy takes less? My family is in italy at the moment, it took less than 10 days china to do it… madri i could be wrong.

  7. I also needed an employment certificate, and bank statement for the last six months. I got mine through the french embassy and it took me 10 days.

  8. I sent in the application pictures and my passport to the French Embassy and it took them from what they said, a day and a half! :oP All Wednesday and Tuesday after their long weekend! :oP

  9. lfc-Q8

    so is i got the french shingin is it ok for the first trip to enter europe from germany? as it was before?

  10. The easiest is the US visa….i got it in one day only!!

  11. Stallion: This is the official information that I was given by the embassy, it could be less. I just wanted to give everyone all the right info. Sometimes they are quick! Damn man the french must love you.

    moocherx: loooool! Austria got me laughing!

    jewaira: happy to pass the info along!

    joud: these are the official times, it could be less.

    Cyber: yes, I agree! Very helpful too!

    Missy: it might, but this is the official info that I got! You could get it in 5, but they always say 10 days.

    Fonzy: You are correct regarding the more info, but yeah the french could be up to 15 days.

    Kousar: just apply

    lfc-q8: yeah its fine.

    MAZE: Hell no!

  12. Maze! wow! I am surprised to hear that…newyaz…the first time I applied the guy was like what? where? why? who? when? shit? I told him…heyy dude…a company in US wants me to comeover for helping with something…is upto you whether you want to give me the visa or not..I have no intention to go there…its coz my job wants me to go and not that I personally is dead begging you to grant a seal!………..the guy signed it immediately and said have a nice journey.

  13. Cyber: hahahaha! Damn, I said I want to go party it up in Miami! And he laughed and gave me the seal a while back!

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