Scorpion EXO-1000



Thanks to Mark for pointing out that Scorpion has now come up with a new helmet. I have the EXO-700, and they also have the EXO-400. The new one is the EXO-1000 which is priced between $299 to $329 from the plain color to the graphics models. This comes with a few innovations such as the sun visor, and cheek pumps which seem to be something useful for someone with a thin head. I just really want to check out this helmet knowing that Scorpion make really good helmets.


Link: WebBikeWorld

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  1. Hellraiser

    I like the integrated visor very neat, my expeience with helmets is limited to ARAI and Shoei, considered best safety for the buck.

  2. Hellraiser: Check out the new JD Power, its Arai, then Scorpion, then Shoei. Scorpion have done a good job.

  3. Oh, I am going to be *all* over that helmet!

  4. Tom Ericksen

    I have a EXO 700 and love it. Looking forward to trying the EXO 1000 in person.

  5. Joseph Vu

    Looking forward to what looks like another awesome helmet.

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