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My friend has been asking me about setting up a proper home theater system in his house that he is building. So I told him if he wants something proper I can take him to ETC but his budget for the whole thing has to be between 7’000 KD and 10’000 KD for something proper. And most of that money is going into the projector since he can get some decent equipment with that. And this is something that will easily last him 6-9 years down the line. This is what I have seen from hometheaters in Kuwait and in the US. If your going to do it, then do it proper and do it once.

If you didn’t have a full budget this is what I proposed in the order of importance to the whole setup:

  1. A/V Reciever (7.1 DTS, THX Approved, 1080P, upscaler, HDMI 1.3, the works)
  2. Speakers (Mirage or Meridean top of line)
  3. Projector (at least 1080i HD)
  4. Screen (Retractable)

That is what I came up for him and he gave them the plans. They played for us Fantastic Four on 1080i with the high end projector off of the PS2 upscaled to 1080P through the Sherwood reciever and it looked amazing. It is probably the best I have ever seen, we were all mesmerized by it and I totally think it is worth it if you are into watching movies and spending a lot of time doing that. It couldn’t get any clearer, and the sound was just perfect. You could hear everything just as it is happening and you can’t get enough of it, its fantastic. I forgot we were only visiting.












Location: Shuweikh
Phone: 4825851

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  1. 1080p is the way to go .. forget about getting a upscaler/video player; just run a powerful-pc with the right software.

  2. lfc-Q8

    Z whats the sherwood can you please give us specs on it :)
    in the future i want to upgrade my yamy as it only supports 1080i :S

  3. “the whole thing has to be between 7′000 KD and 10′000 KD”

    The 70″ SXRD XBR Sony Bravia is 1899 KD! Why go for projection at that price? @[email protected]

  4. How much did that 1080i projector cost ? .

  5. K: Very true, but an upscaler will run at 1080P and upscale anything that is low quality! :)

    lfc-Q8: I will try to find the details of the sherwood for you!

    3baid: That screen will be 150″ which is more then double the 70″ XBR!!

    G-Funk: I think around 5’000 KD

  6. LCD or CRT projector ? 5G’s is too much for an LCD projector !!!! do they carry recivers with HDMI ins and outs ? brand ? I’ll be returning to Kuwait for good soon. I need to upgrade my current Home theater threre .

  7. G-Funk: Not that CRT or LCD projector! A projector for a theater screen! Yes there are two recievers that they have which are HDMI inputs and outputs.

  8. Marzouq,

    And LCD projector comes in a small package., and gives close to television resuloution . CRT projectors on the other hand. comes in bigger size ( most with 3 Lamps ” Red, Green, Blue”) for a true theater experiance.. they are still CRT’s . most DLP projectors nower days have a great resuloution .

    How’s Mijrin Al-Shallal by the way ? does he still give lectures on how projectors work and how you tune up colors and sound ?:-) I like this man.. he’s so pationate about his line of work. great dude

  9. G-Funk: I know which ones your talking about but you don’t need those old CRT projectors anymore as you said the DLPs are amazing and are reasonably priced as well! You mean Nasser Al-Shallal right? He is doing well, and really loves what he does that is why I love his shop! Like you said he is passionate and thats whats great about him! He knows what he is doing!

  10. oh yeah,. his fathers name is Mjrin.. he”s a cool guy though.. but the way he explans stuff makes u wanna really buy it :-p

    They do sell thoes CRT ones . i’ve been into a couple of stores here in the states and they still sell them . they really look great . but they are HUGE !!!!

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