Phone Prices Kuwait March 07


Nokia 6300

Price: 130 KD


Nokia N93i

Price: 260 KD


HTC P3600

Price: 230 KD


Sony Ericsson W880i

Price: 185 KD

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Sin

    The n93i is a good phone, but it’s battery life is pathetic!

  2. Sin: Its too big for me!

    Frankom: Thanks!

    G-Funk: hahaha! Daraina Linux, but not like this! hehehehe

  3. hadn’t realised HTC have started producing under their own name :s.

  4. mooodi: I knew they had, but I didn’t know they were in Kuwait.

    Jacqui: Nice! There were none when I was looking for it!

    G-Funk: Yeah from a while ago now, too big and bulky!

  5. Marzouq : if the N95 is bulky ! what do you cal the N93i then ? :-)

  6. Sajid

    I have a Nokia N95 as a gift in the UK for KD 320….Anyine interested..??

  7. M Nabeel

    Does anybody know when will be the Nokia E90 shipped in Kuwait?

  8. excuse me but i bought a nokia 6300 for KD 80

  9. rethwik

    what is the rate of n93i in us$

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