Titanium and Carbon Fibre Gatling Pocket Flashlight


This is one hell of flashlight, crafted of the finest materials and it is hand made with the best components. I have never seen a flashlight this good, and it looks like a gatling gun. The nob in the back is to adjust the lighting. If you order one it takes 3 months to get because it is handmade in the US. When you adjust the brightness it also affects the runtime and it can get blindingly bright. The price ranges from $295 to $370 depending on the version you want. Its pretty small and fits comfortably into your hands.





Link: Gizmag

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  1. it looks really really cool
    but it’s a flashlight! does it really make a difference whether you have a $10 flashlight of a $300 flashlight?
    i don’t think i would spend that much on a flashlight

  2. Laialy: I agree with you to a certain degree, but the amount of craftmenship that goes into this tool is amazing, and its all high grade. There are some really good ones going for 100-200 which are LED and powerful and compact! That is where the magic comes it, being small yet extremely powerful and energy efficient!

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