CDs Recap


Nelly Furtado – Loose

I really do enjoy Nelly Furtado’s songs, and this CD was nothing short of fantastic, so many good beats and I love her voice and how she adapts her singing to the beat of the song. Timbaland did a good job working on the songs with Nelly.


Akon – Konvicted

I always like Akon, but I didn’t expect such a good CD from him and a lot of the songs are different then the mainstream hip hop songs. Its something you can listen to in the background and enjoy .


Rihanna – A Girl Like Me

I really like Rihanna’s style and especially the song “We Ride” which is a chill song and just gives a good feeling. I can keep listening to her CD non-stop because it has a great mix of fast and slow beats.



Ciarra – The Evolution

Ciarra has come up with a pretty good compilation of songs which different then what I expected from her. There is the hip hop beats which she can songt to and a few slow songs that she has down too.


Pretty Ricky – The Late Night Special

I have always found Pretty Ricky to be fun and this is just one of their fun CDs to enjoy. Good beats that you will keep bumping in your car for a while!



Gwen Stefanie – Sweet Escape

Those who like Gwen will like this is CD, the one word that comes to mind when I’m listening to this CD is Funky. Different beats which are addictive, another good one from Gwen.


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Nice recaps Marzouq.

    To me however, I prefer Rihanna’s over Nelly’s just a little bit :)

  2. Angelo: Its debatable! hehehe! Yeah but are extremely good! Can’t get enough of the CDs, even Rihannas old CD!

  3. Nelly is greattt….her song say it right just makes my day! i like ur taste in music bro…:)

  4. Just say NO to Gwen

    i expected Pretty Ricky and Ciara to be good albums … but who knows if i’ll pick them up. the last CD i got was The Frey and THAT was good (very mellow kinda rock)

  5. Marzouq ,

    If you enjoyed Timbaland’s productiom on nelly’s album.. keep an eye out for timbaland’s new CD “Shock Value” coming out april 3rd . though most of the albums you’ve reviiewed are not relativly new. ( a couple of months old) . you should look into current releases, check my website for the latest i HipHop & R&B if you are into that kind of music.

  6. MAZE: yup! Thanks!

    K: Sweeeet! Thanks!

    Laialy: looool! Ok so your into Rock, but I do recommend the Rihanna and Nelly CDs! They are a must have!

  7. i like Gwen’s & Nelly’s CDs, i’d give them the same scores :)

  8. Nora-Cassandra

    Nelly Furtado is a great artist with the right beat, wonderful voice and just the right words! Love her!

    Akon did a very good job on the Konvicted! I liked it!

    Rihanna is a talent to be seen more of to know how will she be going! It seems she’s doing well for a starter, but I liked few songs only from her last album!

    I don’t like Ciarra, for except few songs!

    Pretty Ricky is not my cup! Good beat though!!

    Gwen Stefanie is a gift from god for me! I have never heard a song I didn’t like! She is just simply perfect in every way! And she can turn my car on the bumping mood any time! And YES!!! Sweet Escape IS SO GOOD!!!!

  9. Swair: Yeah they are good, then you should listen to Rihanna!

    Nora: loooool! Its good you really are enjoying these songs, imagine what she would do to you if your riding your bike with the your headphones on! hehehe

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