Lite Night


It was really a funny night we started off watching Voltron from episode one and in the beginning it was only me and friend so while we were watching more and more people were getting caught up with the show. Everything reminded each one of us of the old days, but we only watched two episodes before switching over to 24 for a bit. Then I made everyone remain silent for the entire session of the show. I only managed to watch one episode, but its gotten insane, I dont know whats going to happen to Jack now!!

Then we had Muchboos Chicken for dinner, chicken pie, spring rolls, and sambusak. I went for the chicken with lights amount of rice, I’m also very slow in eating while everyone else was finished up. Then we started a movie which we all found funny, the other part is that once the movie was done the conversation got stirred to work and cars. Back and forth with funny stories and things that happened during the day, but I could tell we were all tired. Just happy I still have another episode of 24!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I used to have the voltron toy…

  2. ok here is the pattern:
    1. 24
    2. cartoons
    3. food
    wait what happened to the chocolate you were giving them?

  3. i had the toy also , it was metal and not plastic. i remember my mom buying it for me for 10 kd or 20kd i dont remember was a fortune then

    and marzouk .. i had the same problem with eating slowly .. i think it has something to do with the nose .. if u cant breath normally from ur nose or if its half blocked .. ull need time to stop while eating to catch ur breath

  4. Jafar

    The natural & the healthies way to eat is slow for best digestion.All those who eat fast have something wrong with them !

  5. Financy, thats healthy sweetie! Eating should be slowly and you should munch 21-to-25 chews on each bite (with an interval of 3 or 4 minutes- break- before resuming eating) I read somewhere. When you eat like that you acquire nutrients and with proper amount of saliva the mi3da tah’6im food properly, toxins exit your system smoothly. But when you just gulp things down without proper chewing (like most people) takes a long time for your stomach to digest, longating the expelling of toxins, therefore your liver is over-driven and the result is a big karsha after machboos chicken hehe. Eating is a fun ritual- it’s nice sitting with someone pleasant, talking, laughing, taking your time and enjoying the beautiful weather ;) Be thankful you’re a healthy eater ;)

  6. Oh and no offense to any karshas out there! I think il karshat are so cute and I like ’em ;) loooool I’m starting to develop a tiny one too since i’m sitting on my ass a lot lately =P

  7. Zahed

    sorry about ams zooki i was sick as a dog il make it up next week for sure i feel like crap caus ei walked out on THE V robot looool it was amazing

  8. 3baid: Who didn’t! It was amazing!

    Laialy: I didn’t promise them chocolate, I just thought it was good! They only get food! hehehe!

    Financy: I agree that was a fortune then! I loved the metal one, it was amazing! I just take time to cut up my food, not much of a breathing problem really!

    Jafar: It also depends what I’m eating really!

    Missy: Very nicely said! :) And the Karshas made me laugh! hehehe! Yeah Financy is a guy! hehehe

    Zahed: salaamat buddy! Just make sure to stay next time and get back in shape!

  9. First, sha5baaaaaaaary voltron wein lageeh..I used to have the toy Im a big fan hehe.
    Second, man we should have a competition who is slower to finish their plate..shaklek gargy wayed wakt el2akel..join the club.

  10. ur eating chicken?? after all the chaos bout bird flu?? i’m scared to eat chicken these days…:(

  11. Now this is what i call an Anime :-) … Ah . the good ol days :-)

  12. Kella Met2a5er: hehehe! You can by DVD off of Amazon, Yimkin I was watching the movie min chithy slow!

    MAZE: Hell yeah, I will eat chicken all the time!

    G-Funk: hehehe! I knew you would like it!

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