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So I made the purchase! After a while of deliberation and convincing myself to wait I have decided to get myself the machine which is nothing short of a piece of art. The Ducati 1098S has to be seen to be understood, it is a piece of art, the lines are amazing, the engine is exquisite, and the color is perfect.

I received the motorcycle on Wednesday Night, and rode it for a bit to try it out. What an amazing feeling, just wants to go looking for corners. My mind and senses are overload by this Ducati. I rode it to work and rode it around for the afternoon for a bit, but I am taking it very easy to break it in.

Break-In Procedure:

  • 100Km to break-in tires
  • 300Km max 5.5K Rpm
  • 1000Km max 6K Rpm

First Service at 1000 Km.
I want to break the engine in correctly since it will help decrease the probability of problems, and it will run smoother in long run.













A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. You need to post pictures after you add the *extra* stuff. ;)

  2. mabrook!
    allah ya36eek khaira oo yakfeek min sharrah
    looks very nice!

  3. Congratulations man… what a hot ride (Masha’allah)… Enjoy the perfect riding weather while it lasts.

    Hey, btw, I finally did it too and bought my CBR 1000RR. I’ll look out for you on the gulf road ;)

  4. Congrats hon, you deserve it hehehe and I hope etkasra bl 3afya :P

  5. lol Allaah wanaaasa! Mabroook =) Ya36ik 5aira wikafik shara. Looks good mashallah, better than the 999 and I’m sure you can work on its parts too, no?

    Allah ya7fi’6ik

  6. That is AMAZING!
    Mabrooooooooooooooooook =D
    It reminds me of the Lambo Gallardo.. It looks like it’s going 1000km/h while standing still!
    I love it!
    Mabrook dude ^_^

  7. lfc-q8

    mashala its a sweet bike ya36eeek khaira o yakfeech shara

  8. Sin

    wa7sh!! Mabrook!!…don’t mind if anyone sits behind u while ur in traffic, it might be me XD

  9. K: I will! Already ordering the front and rear carbon fiber, racing clutch and tank pad! :D

    Yazeed: MAshkoor!

    Hitman1: Thanks! O congrats on your bike too! I hope you enjoying it! How is the dealership with you?

    Jacqui: Thanks! :)

    Missy: Mashkoorah! Alah ebarik ib 7ayatich! Yeah I already have some parts on order! :)

    Berserk-KW: Alah Ebarik ib 7ayatik! Yeah it has that fast look without moving going for it! hehehe

    lfc-q8: Mashkoor!

    Sin: Alah Ebarik ib 7ayatik!

  10. beautiful! ya36eek khaira oo yakfeeek sharra inshallah

    mmm… does it have a name yet? ;>

  11. mabrook man , this is a fine peice of art .. i always tell my Canadians friends that only in kuwait u see serious bikes, u should see the ones in Canada .. they are shitty and the insurance is insane .. mabrook again

  12. Sami

    FUCKIN A!!!

    congrats man.


    (sorry don’t have any other words to describe the bike)

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  15. Big B

    Congrats man, Be careful :)

  16. Slip Stream

    Now THAT’S how you do it BIG!!!
    You got the Street fighter and the Super Sport bikes. Best of both worlds.
    You better go look for some HonKwakaSukis to eat for breakfast!!!

  17. jewaira

    Mabrook it’s a beauty, mashallah!

  18. Nora-Cassandra

    Beautiful!!! Congratulations! I think you did the right choice.
    I hope you’ll be posting details about this babe! And let us know about all the extras you add on it!

  19. WOW !!
    sweet sweet sweet ride !! Mabrook

  20. MashaLLAah..Mabrook Ya36eek 5erra o yakfeek sharra..yam3wwad egra elmo3aqwethat wenta 6ale3 tara 3yoon elnas ma ter7am..dude coool 7adda

  21. wow mabro0ok, looks pretttyy

    ill be looking out for it 3alla il.5aleeej..

    inzain what happened to robo..

  22. 1. Mabrook
    2. the dashboard (if that is what it’s called on a motorcycle) looks really cool
    3. i still have much love for robo :p you garra love black and gray … red it too daring :p

  23. Congrats!!
    amazing bike man! good luck reaching the breaking points, thats going to be ruff to stay below 5.5rpm

    good day

  24. Mashallah!

    Mabrook Marzouk! Not that I know much about bikes but it sure looks like an awesome beast. Hope you have great fun with this beauty.

  25. Spooner

    Alf MABROOK im so fuckin in luv with tht bike i wanna molest it…

    gimme a ride :P im dead serious… i mean i wouldnt say no i luv tht bike

  26. Mark: hahahahahaha! I was busting up when I read that!

    EniGma: Mashkoorah! Not yet, I’m thinking of a name! Has to fit the attitude!

    DJ X|FADER: Thanks! Yeah in Canada the Insurance isn’t too bad, but in Kuwait you don’t get full insurance for bikes so I have to keep it safe!

    Sami: Thanks! :D

    Mark: hahaha

    Big B: Thanks! I will try!

    Slip Stream: I know what you mean, I just want to break the bike in and then its lunch time! Alah ebarik ib 7ayatik!

    jewaira: Thank you! :D

    Nora: I will be posting lots of details! There is a lot on the map! :D

    Mathew: Alah ebarik ib 7ayatik! THanks!

    Kella Met2a5er: La Adree o alah ebarik ib a7aytik! :)

    Amo0ora: Thanks! Robo is here! Both are part of my little family!

    Laialy: Alah Ebarik ib 7ayatich! Its called the “Instrument Cluster”, anything but a Dashboard! hehehe! I love both, don’t worry I got a lot of love for Robo!

    Weld El-ma6aba: I know, I’m still holding for all my life! I’m trying not to go over!

    sabah: Alah Ebarik ib 7ayatik! I will be thuroughly enjoying it! hehehe!

    Spooner: LOOOOL! (Restraining Order in the Works) hehehe! Yeah its great motorcycle, and I fell in love with it when I saw it!

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