Adapter Problems


For some reason or another my adapter wasn’t working so I haven’t been able to post or reply on my blog! Its really strange, it was working in Kuwait, at the Kuwait Airport, at Frankfurt Airport, but not at the hotel in Hannover. I was going nuts, it ran out of power and I thought I would just charge it, but for everything I did, it just didn’t work.

Its only working now because I kept trying different parts of the adapter and trying to connect different parts slowly seeing if it lights up. At this point my laptop is charging but I won’t move the power adapter for the rest of the trip. I will remove my laptop but I won’t move the power adapter at all. Now back to posting, too much to talk about.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Nora-Cassandra

    I was wondering why haven’t you posted anything new since yesterday!! :)

  2. Nora: I think I have got it some what sorted out! hehehe! But Im at the convention all day long! And one hell of a long day!

  3. See What happenes when you use a windows pc ;-)

  4. My adapter died on me in Austria .. I put it back together but still haven’t tried plugging it in.

  5. G-Funk: lol! I was waiting for you! hehehe! Its really weird, now its working but I plugged in the power in a strange way.

    K: Its working now, but I don’t think I can touch it or move it!

  6. yeah yeah yeah.. whatever.. keep on hiding PC Flaws :-p .. switch to a mac. :-p

    Didn’t you get a universal adapter ?? don’t you use a traville adapter kit ? that way you would prevent such situations .

    Let me guess.. you use a Dell laptop ? :-)

  7. lfc-Q8

    Z get an i-go juice u will love it

  8. G-Funk: hahaha! You know I have a Dell laptop! Its my work laptop! hehehe! And thats a power adapter for a dell in the damn picture! hehehe

    lfc-q8: yeah I thought about that!

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