Acer xSeries LCD monitors


24-incher steps up the resolution to a pretty standard 1,920 x 1,200, contrast ratio to 1000:1, and brightness to 400cd/m², with a 5 millisecond response other wide screens. They have other screens but this is the only one worth looking at and it is going for $600 which is amazingly cheap.

Link: Engadget

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  1. Tempted to spend more cash aren’t you?

  2. A lot of these brand names like Acer, actually OEM equipment from 1 or 2 factories. If you shop around you can find the same monitor specs with the same components but at a different price. Happy shopping.

  3. Who would buy an Aser monitor ? heck i wouldn’t even buy a computer from them !

  4. zoomzoom


    all people say this doesn’t actualy try acer, cheap doesn’t always mean bad.

    lcd monitors these days are nearly have the same quality, so it’s smart to look at the price first.

  5. Jacqui: Who isn’t!

    Don Veto: hehehe! This is pretty good specs though and good pricing!

    G-Funk: hahaha! They are cheap, but haven’t been proven unreliable!

    zoomzoom: very true

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