Close Call… Really Close


Everytime Im driving my car or riding my bike I always keep an eye out for women driving and what they are doing. They are completely oblivious to anything in their surroundings.

Its like they drive with a real intent of killing someone, I dont think if someone wants to kill you they can do any worse then the way some women drive. I was almost taken out this Friday by a woman on the cell phone who was in the middle lane wanting to make a right. We were on Damascus street, and she wanted to exit into Surra while talking on the phone. I was directly on her right, not behind her in a blindspot, but relatively forward so that her side view mirror was directly on my left. She started leaning quickly and I looked at her and she wasn’t even looking, she was just mouthing off on her phone.

When she turned hard right hard I tried getting away but I couldn’t since there was a car in front of me with no opening, I had to break hard and try to cut right. I took the corner extremely hard, I tried break as much as possible before going into the exit. I dropped from 100 Km/h down to 50 Km/h (the whole time she was still on my left) and took a 90 degree turn which I would usually do going 25-30 Km/h. I was stuck between two cars taking the turn and my extincts made me dip hard and pushout quick going at 50 Km/h. She didn’t notice me until we were into the turn and she still didn’t do anything. SHE WAS STILL TALKING! I knew I was going to run into women like that in Kuwait but not like this. Hamdilla I was lucky enough to be able to react, also if I wasn’t on this bike I don’t think I could have taken the corner like I did with it. I dropped extremely low and went in really fast.

I turned to look at her, and my heart was beating at 1’000’000 Beats per second. She didn’t give it a second thought, she didn’t even apologize she just gave me a dirty look and drove off. I was pissed! I was happy I was able to narrowly escape. Why was I not surprised that she was muhajabah, this isn’t my first incident with women muhajabaat driving in Kuwait, its always like that and they don’t pay attention to the world around them. This all took place while I was on my way to work at 3:45pm on a Friday afternoon.

I’ve had some close calls, but this is this was the closest in Kuwait.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. 7amdilah :/ close.
    Start at a young age, play “Spot the shitty driver” as soon as the child is aware and by the time they’re 15 the student should be able to spot them telepathically.
    The only safe alternative is to get off your bike and drive anything from 6 tonnes and up.

  2. lfc-q8

    7imdellah 3al salamah bro waalaa in kuwait not only girls or muhajaba even guys they all suck at driving derbalik bro

  3. Asooma

    5a6ak el sow..
    shda5al el mu7ajbat bel swaga?
    ya3ny al7en elly mo mt7ajaben PERFECT DRIVERS?
    ok i agree women swagat’hm ay shy.. bs mo m3natah bs el mu7ajbat mnhm..

  4. mooodi: There should be some training, instead of just giving them license one go! I will never get off my bike!

    lfc-q8: alah esalmik! I agree but statistically with me it has been muhajabaat who have been taking me out!

    Asooma: I’m not saying just because it happened once, but most of the time that women lean on me or cut me off it has been muhajabaat, and this time she nearly killed me, so please understand my frustration. She just really frustrated and didn’t even say sorry!

  5. Carlsb3rg

    marzouq, maan.. matshof shar. Indians and women sigh.. always piss me off.

    unfortunately, it’s mostly always muhajabas. There must be an explanation ;p

  6. I would’ve stopped her and killed her right then and there.. hell if not that I would’ve cussed her out the whole time.. :s Idiot freaking HOE!

  7. Sin

    well, as u can see we all feel the hatred, and Jacqui has outdone everyone;p…but what matters is that, you are safe 7amdillah!…if this wuz your closest call in kuwait , where was the closest call of all?

  8. Asooma

    ok i understand that she was a bad driver and impolite, rude and everything but still.. ana mu7ajaba i won’t do such a thing.. i mean i wil apologize for sure .. bs kl mkan 7a6en 3lena what the hell!!! not u marzog!! ay a7ad bs not you plz!

  9. Marzouq:

    El7amd lilah 3assalama. . Allah setar.. That’s one main reason i don’t to be in a bike in that situation :-)

    Anyhow .. allah setar. just be careful while riding on your bike.. I saw some scarry bike accedents happening right inffont of my eyes which made me deviate away from riding bikes in Kuwait..

    Just be extreamly careful whenever you ride in kuwait. it’s not about women being muha77ajba or not . they are alot of loose cows out there. “Indian drivers, egyptians.. etc” just be carefull while you ride.. o allah el7afith.

  10. Nora-Cassandra

    I agree with 100%!! They are so unpredictable! They could do something real stupid so suddenly!! I hope they start making extra driving tests to women. I am a woman but really 80% of women drivers I’ve seen or been in their cars need serious fixing!

    Ladies: I’m a woman! And I’m not saying 100% of men are good, but the women drivers are like 80% bad when men drivers are 40% bad!! Big difference!

    I’m so glad you got a way from it safe!

    Isn’t it illegal to talk on your cell when driving in Kuw? You pay £50=$114.6 in Cyprus, plus 3 points on your driving license (12 points and you loose your license for 6 months)!! And I think you can loose license from first time in Fin for doing that!

  11. Carlsb3rg: Shar ma eyeek! Asooma like he said, its tough not to criticize them, they do something wrong and get pissed off!

    Jacqui: Baradtay Chabdy walah!

    Sin: I have had a few close calls in the US, but I had one accident in the states which made me want to ride more since there was nothing I could do to avoid the idiot that hit me.

    Asooma: Ok, just because you said you would apologize to a biker, I retracted my statement! :)

    G-Funk: Alah esalmik! I usually watch out and keep to my own lane but this one came out of no where and I had t react quickly

  12. it’s almost always muhajaba bcz the freaking hijab “ya7jib el ro2ya” (no pun intended), especially the loose one ely habbeen feehom.

    Salamat, 7amdillah enna u didn’t get hurt.

  13. Mo Hat

    thank god you had your instincts to get you through that one. damascus can be a pretty bad street (i know i live in qurtoba ;) ) but not to that extent. Damn just real glad you’re ok. :)

  14. its mostly mt7ajbaas cuz most women here are mu7ajabaas ;p

    il.7mdlah 3al salamaa so glad your fine.. i dont get those women that do that, i feel bad if i dont apologise to someone..

    allah yahdeeeehom

  15. Damn it Marzouq, I’m glad you’re okay! She’s a b!*$# there’s no question about that and I hope she wakes up tomorrow and get her hair fried or something but it’s not a 7jab thing as much as its a woman thing- as if Paris Hilton-look-alikes drive any better? That was a bit offensive to some women but anyway please stay safe. Allah ya7fi’6ik.

  16. fadibou

    i can feel what you are saying. 3 times i was almost killed on my bike because of woman drivers.
    1. she went downt to pick the mobile when it fell and she turned left with the steering wheel and her other hand was on the ground looking for the phone. she almost got 13 bikers into the wall.
    2. her royal highness chased me with a capriss classic on gulf road and tried to run me down untill i ran away into a petrol station and she continued on her way to seduce another person.
    3. she was exiting salhiya parking without using the luxurious option of looking at her left and she paid the money and slammed on the gas.

  17. here we go
    1. al7amdillah you are fine
    2. al7amdillah you always have protective gear on
    3. sometimes there is not much one can do, Allah raa7 e7asibhaa for what she did

  18. That musta been some important conversation! :P

    Why didn’t you honk at her?

  19. My Pet Peeve is Idiot Women who sleep on you while you’re driving and then dare to give you the evil look as if you are the one doing that! It’s like dude if you can’t see from your 7ejab then DON’T BLOODY DRIVE! Ugh Bs seriously hehehe I have anger issues or road rage issues so trust me I’ve been there and felt all that LOL!

    Bs thank god you came out of it safely.

  20. 7emdellah 3al salama! It is good to hear you’re alright. Stay safe, not much you could do, but seriously, u should have tried to tell her that what she did was wrong.

  21. Carlsb3rg

    Jacqui, you should have been born a man.

    Also amoora is right, its just that most women here are muhajabas. So all women suck at driving :P

  22. Angel_Of_Deth

    7amdilla 3al Salamie…. I am a recent follower of your blog, and i believe that because of you i am saving to get a proper training on driving motorbikes and get into this amazing thing…

    I think the problem with women drivers in kuwait is the amount of arrogance they posses, the amount they have is just unbelievable… ya3ni they wont look left and right cause they are affraid someone will look at them and follow them…and they are as ugly as a SOB!!! (Excuse my words)

    they just piss me off dude…..

  23. Rejoys

    They just drive very very carelessly. Just before nine in the morning an accident happened in 6th ring road near farwanya governorate.

    CityBus #51 which goes to city just stopped at the busstop, and herecomes our supergirl flying her golden GMC suv from Jahra side and BBAAANNNGG!!! directly behind the citybus with a loudest possible noice.

    Eyewitness Note: she was spotted with her mobile talking to somebody even after this terrific accident which left her nose bleeding and “school uniform” soaked with blood.

    Baba, This is kuwait.

  24. I’ve had enough of this women bashing. I’m going to settle this once and for all:

    Scientifically speaking, the male’s brain is created with a firm sense of direction, they trace the game, find direction, their vision is longer than a woman’s and narrower, they are created to be hunters and protectors, they focus on one thing at a time and they are more logical thinkers. Women on the other hand possess peripheral vision, wider in vision (horizontal) but short ranged. They are created to nurture, they multi-task and more sentimental than rational. Of course it varies from one woman to another- some possess more logical than emotional…etc. So in fact if male and female were talking on the phone and driving, it is the male who’s more prone to have an accident because he’s a one-task-kind of person. These statistics don’t mean women are bad drivers or lousy humans. It just means they are created in a unique way- driving is not their special area but it just means they have to work twice as hard to focus and not kill anyone and it also means that when you male chauvinists fill their tummy with babies they possess the abilities to take care of them properly. That’s why bishar3 o bidin when a woman testifies, there should be another one to remind her in case she forgets- because she might.

    I suggest you all go read a book called “Why men don’t listen and women can’t read maps” by Allan and Barbara Pease and give us a break!

  25. What I meant was that in driving there’s a great demand for constant focus on measurements and angles and sometimes quick decisions so naturally men are proven scientifically to excell in that more than women. I also read somewhere that there is a difference between single women and mothers. Pregnant women and mothers exert more energy in their daily lives physiologically, emotionally and psychologically which reduces their ability to focus.

  26. Carlsb3rg

    “wider in vision (horizontal)”
    And she still didnt see Marzouq.

  27. I said that woman was 7mara o kalba ba3ad but I was talking about the concept of ‘overgeneralization’ going on here- I wasn’t talking about Marzouq’s story.

  28. Purgatory

    إYou could have just followed her and made her hit something then speed away, or even better just throw something at her breaking her glass.

  29. Biohazard

    Honestly, I would’ve flipped her off. It’s the least you can do.

  30. EniGma: alah esalmich! yeah your right they have limited vision!

    Mo Hat: Thanks bud!

    Amo0ora: its the problem that 90% of these women don’t really care and act as if its never their fault! But at least you would make the effort to apologize or not kill the biker! :)

    Missy: Thank you!

    fadibou: Man I know exactly what you mean, even in a big group these women are oblivious to us riders! Its insane, I really don’t get how come they don’t pay attention!

    Laialy: mashkoora, I hope I can avoid situations like these!

    1001: My instincts went to avoiding the car, honking would have slowed me down!

    Jacqui: looool! Next time this happens I will give you her license plate number!

    Transparently Blue: alah esalmik! She didn’t care, she thought I was hitting on her!

    Carlsb3rg: I agree! looool!

    Angel_Of_Deth: I agree with you 100%! Some of these women are extremely arrogant and aren’t considerate of people on the road! I’m happy you want to take the proper courses!

    Rejoys: I know, but still its no excuse, the thing is they don’t learn too!

    Missy: I know some people are putting all their cases on women right now, all the frustration came out with my story not meaning they are all bad, but a majority just don’t seem to care!

    Purg: I consider myself to be better then that!

    Biohazard: It would have done no good really, I wanted to talk to her but she probably would have thought I was hitting on her. I wanted to give her a lesson in human life!

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