Riding On Friday


I wanted to ride to break-in the bike completely that friday morning, but I think I was being overly ambitious since I didn’t realize I had so much work and I would get so tired. I met up with Mark to go for a little ride around the gulf road and it was going to be a nice day as long as we are moving. I have to say that Mark‘s bike sounds pretty damn good, my bike has a deep V-Twin rumble to it, but I keep hear Mark’s bike as well. Overall I think his bike is looking pretty good, and thats the best thing about customizing.

Odometer at Start of Day: 350 KMs

Odometer at End of Day: 538 KMs

I think I can have the bike broken in some point this week, but my problem is that I have a lot of work. I really just want to ride this week, but things just keep on popping up. I met up earlier with the BMW Motorcycle club, but I didn’t want to stop so I kept riding until I met up with Mark. We were riding until we reached the end of the gulf road where we stopped for a bit for some refreshments, I got the KDD rasberry ice cream and I have to say that I loved it. It hit the spot because it was pretty hot just standing there, I wanted more but I also wanted to keep moving. Mark’s riding has improved and you can see it in the way he rides, I just hope he keeps on improving.

Then I kept on riding for a bit on my own, and I have to say this bike is amazing to ride, its just hard holding back.


This K1200R went with the flat black look, and it does look damn good! My K1200R is Silver/Black, while this one is Black/Silver, and I just think he needs an exhaust upgrade and then he will complete the look. Nice looking bike!





















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  1. Jafar

    Idealy you should take your time when you break1-in any engine.Best is not just to put millage on long rides , but rather put millage under all ridding conditions so that all the parts (gear,break,chain, & all other moving parts) are broken-in

  2. Nora-Cassandra

    Man your bike is so handsome and sexy!! I like the look of the Ducati more than the Robo even though that is a beautiful one too! This one looks like an Eagle!! It’s so edgy and dangerous looking!! Seems like it will attack at any moment! So did you name him yet?

    I like KDD raspberry ice cream picture!!! Old good memories! My husband saw it and said they have dad it her in Cyprus too! I’m not sure they had the KDD but he seems sure it was exactly the same!!

    I love the picture you take they are so beautiful! You have start trying to take pictures of people! :)

  3. You know that red is my favorite color so nice choice in choosing it :P

  4. is it just me or does the bike look tiny on me?

  5. Biohazard

    It looks really tiny on you. :$

  6. Pearls: yup!

    Jafar: I’m trying, but its damn hard holding back on this machine, its a real beauty and music to my ears!

    Nora: They are different bikes like you said and the Ducati is beautiful! No name yet though! I don’t take pictures of people because I think they would get pissed off!

    Jacqui: hehehe! thanks!

    Mark: Its just you! hehehe

    Biohazard: hahaha

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