Why so much chocolate! Every airport has a billion kinds of chocolate, I’m not a chocolate guy and Bounty does it for me, but some people in Kuwait asked people that I was traveling with for certain kinds of chocolate and that is where it gets interesting.

They all know exactly what they want, the kind of chocolate, all the additives, and the specific wrapping. I’m just curious as to what is the profit behind all these chocolates, Cadbury must make a ton of money since it seems to be a favorite of many people in Kuwait.
Then my boss buys some chocolate and I’m forced to try some and it tasted pretty good, but no clue what it was I just at it automatically. The problem is that I need some water or 7up to wash it down and change the taste in my mouth, it was pretty thick! So many people were hovering around the chocolate!


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Zahed


  2. Wow you drink something to take the taste of CHOCOLATE away from your mouth? 3yal lo makil thoom wila bi9al shitsawee LOL Ana ate7asaf akil shai after chcolcate cuz i wanna savour the taste as long as possible!

  3. Purgatory


  4. ???

    Duyse chocolates are the best. They’re sugar-free and their taste is unbelievable. I get them from Heathrow or Amsterdam (schiphol) airport.

  5. Nora-Cassandra

    Chocolate is the bet gift you could get someone especially if you don’t know them well enough to know what else to get them! I’m not a chocolate person, I rarely even eat any! But I still know my way well in the chocolate department in the airports! I usually get Finnish chocolates (Fazer) to friends and family and every one is happy with that!

  6. I wrote this after reading your post! World’s Most Expensive Chocolate!!!!
    Read it and then tell me what you think of chocolates then!?

  7. mmmmmmmmmmm… chooocoooolaaaate….

  8. Zahed: Screw you! hehehe

    1001: Just don’t like the taste in my mouth for some odd reason!

    Purg: loooooooooool! I can’t help it!

    lebinba: hehehe

    ???: I have no clue what that is!

    3baid: loooool!

    Nora: no clue what to even get, they all look the same with their shiny wrappers! hehehe! Read what??!?!

    Swair: looool!

  9. did you read what I wrote on my blog? $150-200 for one piece of chocolate!!

  10. Nora: Now I did! Damn $2600! I wouldn’t pay that for chocolate!

  11. James Rather

    Where can I purchase Duyse Sugar Free Choclolate in the U.S. I used to buy it at Schipol airport when traveling, but can longer get it.

  12. James Rather: I’m sorry I don’t have an idea!

  13. Laurie

    I had the same problem….it’s no longer at Heathrow either. I bought half a dozen boxes of Duyse Sugar Free Chocolates last time I went there and I think by the summer of 2007 they had stopped carrying them. None in 5/08 either. Some smart person should start importing Duyse into the U.S. They truly are terrific.
    I still have one very OLD box left in my fridge, and they’re still good to eat, although not as good as when i bought them about 2.5 yrs ago….

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