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The Bristol is a modern business hotel in Frankfurt, and its really close to the main trainstation. I have to say that its pretty nice, and it has opened recently over the past year.

Whats interesting is that they have extra small rooms which are more like a high class cabin in a yacht then a room. I didn’t think it would be that compact, I never knew hotels had rooms that small. Two of those rooms made a normal room but at that point I didn’t mind since I was really tired and we were only staying a day.

They have wireless internet in the whole hotel supplied by T-Mobile so either you have a T-Mobile internet account or you can use your credit card. The people are pretty friendly in the hotel and it has a very nice ambience to it.

Usually business hotels cut corners in the kitchen, but not this hotel. Their dinner and breakfast tasted really good, usually in the restaurants they have a short selection of beef, but the Bristol’s menu concsisted of many different kinds of beef. I had the Veal Scalope and it really satisfied me after a long day of driving.

When your in the room it really feels German, in that it is efficient and does the job. You have the table for your laptop with one power plug. The bed is suprisingly comfortable with a little closet space built into the back of it. The shower has ample amount of cold and hot water. The one thing that I think they should upgrade in the room is the TV, its tiny, I think my laptop screen was bigger, they could easily get a large order of LCDs and hang them easily.

Overall I really liked the hotel and I would probably stay their again, but I would ask for a slightly larger room.














A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Guten Tag

    HaHaHa.. That looks like its near the Red Light District!

  2. Guten Tag

    By the way, does Kuwait Airways still keep its Frankfurt office in the Red Light District? HeHe

  3. If you’re male and single why wouldn’t you go to the red district? Men can do anything. Guten Tag, enjoy ur life before ur girl ties you down for the rest of your life.

  4. Guten Tag

    Ha Ha Ha.. Is that an invitation, Missy? :) So you approve of prostitution?

    To answer your question, a single male wouldn’t go there if he cared about his wallet and avoiding a waste of time and money in general. While it may have appeal to some, there are much better, cleaner, and decent places to enjoy oneself in Germany than the Frankfurt Red Light District:)

    I quite enjoy my life, and the old ball and chain just adds to the enjoyment!

  5. loooooool I almost spilled my fruit punch laughing almost ruining my paperwork that I was about to submit in a few minutes =P

    Ok well, no. I don’t approve of prostitution at all. I feel it is a self-degradation act against humans’ moral philosophies no matter what reasons are behind it and whoever funds such entertainments is in one way or another endorsing its trade.

    But with all the recent decriminalization/health mandating acts going on, you can’t help but scorn at it and at the number of people from your country taking part in it under several umbrellas. In addition to that, society’s outlook on the male moral protection is ridiculous that I couldn’t help being sarcastic about it =)

    Anyway, don’t take my words literally, you’re absolutely right, Frankfurt is exquisitly fun and indeed there are many places to go to! =)

  6. b3dain i’m curious… it’s Bristol hotel- it’s well known, what made you think it’s in the red district?

  7. Guten Tag: It close to the train station, no clue where the red light district is! I have no clue about Kuwait Airways! I think Missy was just cracking a joke about it, but no clue what the Red light district is made up of in Germany

    Missy: looool! I just wanted food! hehehe! Its my first time at the hotel and I don’t think there is anything around it, I didn’t see anything and I walked around and drove around! :) And I agree with you regarding the whole philosophy thing :)

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