Bleach – Live in Action


I’m a huge fan of Bleach, and seeing these human characters of the anime are really uncanny! Some of them are identical and a few are bit off, but I really like what they did with the characters! Looks really cool.

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  1. aqui e do brasil
    e essa foto ta show

  2. dude

    ther should be a real movie

  3. infermike

    not to be racist the anime characters look american with the eyes and the real life people do not look any thing a like except for clothes and skin

  4. Josh Troyer

    Stupid asians. They make a show full of characters that look white genetically. Then they think that they could actually look like them.
    None of the live pictures show any mental eminence so it looks lame.

  5. takashi nagayama is sooooooooooooo cute!!!
    just like toushirou hitsugaya,,..

  6. why do some of the bleach characters look european? if they are drawn that way they should have some european actors to make th film look more genuine to the bleach characters….

  7. unknown

    woww!!… love it!

  8. ralf

    do bleach have a human movie???

  9. ralf

    i mean a human casted movie??

  10. lol

    you can find it on youtube.And look at Rukia character,look more like man

  11. i hope they also cosplay bleach hentai. id like to see the female captains and ichigo’s girl in the flesh.

  12. infermike
    josh stupid troyer
    j bella

    americans or europeans doing anime cosplay? your comments could’nt get any more stupid than that.

    anime are drawn using asian features.

    mga bobo talaga mga kano at puti. tangina nyo mga tanga!

  13. blackphoenix013

    your pix is way too cool!!! is there a live action bleach?! i can’t wait to watch it.

  14. ncudi

    look tooo old

  15. xhon

    imba!!! look so cool!! :D love it!! hehehe!!

  16. sam

    SUCKIN TO THE CORE….I mean ichigo’s supposed to look serious n cool….this guy looks like some chubby 12th grader with painted hair….only urahara looks good

  17. hitsugAya, bYakuya and renji were gOod immitated .. i love it ! will u pLz post anOPthere characters ?

  18. animacuso


  19. aynazeck

    blEach is OnE Of my favOuritE animE tOo!!!

  20. bleachaddictus


  21. meena

    its a really very cool animae with best episodes.

  22. Artbunny9

    The only person who looks wrong is Rukia.
    They should have chosen someone who looks a little younger and who would look good in their (school)uniform.

  23. Orochimaru

    it’s awesome

  24. tsumikaze

    wow kick ass all of them (exept rukia) lokk awesome

  25. 野小狗


  26. they are all dead now because of the TSUNAMI 2011 in JAPAN…

  27. Skim

    wow! this is awesome! Renji looks like him, though i still prefer the 2-D version. I wish ichigo was a better looking guy. the guy for yousuke and the girl for rukia are on par with their characters… nice find!

  28. bleach_master

    fail for renji those are the wrong glasses cause they dont fit the picture he does wear those glasses but not till after ichigo defeats him in the soul society

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