Hot Start


I was looking forward to riding this thursday since I wanted to get some more milage on the bike. The weather was beautiful but it was feeling a bit hot if I wasn’t constantly moving, I love riding in the morning and at night, but during the afternoon it was getting a bit hot.

I wanted to pass by The One at Marina and I have to say that it was packed full of people and I just wanted to take a quick look. Then I left and continued my ride until I got home. After all this riding the only thing that made sense was to take a shower, but then I continued riding over to my brothers pad to get a bite to eat! I napped a bit on his couch and woke up to my nephew saying “Ball Ball Ball Ball” and that made me laugh!











A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. auh .. yes … marina mall … soon we will meet again

    BTW, that last photo looks so professional, nice work

  2. I kind of remember how hot it gets in the afternoons there. But not quit exactly. Here in Cyprus July and Augusts are the warmest it it’ll go over 40 in noon time, but for me it’s not that bad to avoid those hours! Now it’s the perfect time for riding here, it gets about 24 at noon time, 18 till night then goes bit cooler in the nights!

    I will agree with Laialy_q8!! Beautiful shots especially the last one! I’m telling you, you should start trying to take peoples pics sometimes! :D

  3. jewaira

    It’s nice to share your day with us :) It was a gorgeous day yesterday although a bit too warm around noon in the sun. Glad you took a ride and took time to have fun with nephew too

  4. Laialy: Itrideen bil salamah inshalla! Thanks! I’m happy you liked the shot!

    Nora: I don’t think people would be too appreciative of me thaking pictures of them! I’m happy you guys like the pictures, but still need to improve! There is a lot I don’t know how to do that I want to do! :)

    jewaira: I’m happy to share! :) It was a bit warm, but still enjoyable!

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