Real Weekend?


Nothing has really changed with this one day holiday which has been my only first hand experience to a real weekend in years! My first thought in the morning was “So this is what it must feel to be working in Banking in Kuwait! Two days off! That feels nice!”

I don’t know when our government will make the decision and make Friday and Saturday off. I reallly think that it would be best for everyone and things would be a little bit more uniform.

My work amount hasn’t decreased and I’m going at the same pace, but having one extra day to relax and catch my breath really does make a difference. I’m hoping this works out soon or something is made because that one extra day really helped out. Its not that I sleep in much, but I do ride a lot! So it just helped for a relaxing weekend and I got to do a lot of entertaining things as well as getting a bite to eat!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Loca in Kuwait

    I think that two days are needed, one to run around and take care of errands. The next day is needed to relax and unwind to get ready for the rest of the week. Or in your case ride all day and then watch anime. :)

  2. I didn’t know you had one day off every week! I thought it was by law you have to get two days a week off or one day off and two days part time at work like half day work..

    Well at least you’re not suffering as my husband is, he gets one day off every second week, and in summer 3 months no off at all! One month holiday in the winter time! Imagine that!

    I do hope your week ends change like you say to give many better rest and it’s better with the world business, I think!

  3. glad you enjoyed your three day weekend, you of all people really seem like you needed it hehehe :)

  4. Loca: I agree with you, you need one day for one thing, and the next day for something else! And you know what I do!

    Nora: Yeah I only have one day! I have on half day, but still full of work! Damn that is really rough on your husband though! Things are going to be rough for a bit!

    Laialy: Two day weekend! hehehe! Thanks! I hope you get a break soon too from all the work!

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