Its True!


For a while now I heard that the police in Kuwait have directive not to follow any motorcyclist if they are speeding or doing something they shouldn’t be doing. I won’t lie I am speeding while riding usually when the street is empty or to get away from the crowd just to ride comfortably. So the other day on the Gulf Road I passed by a Police Car which was going 100 in an 80 and I passed it going 140 kph.

The police officer didn’t do anything and I really didn’t care I was going at my own comfortable pace, but I didn’t know they really didin’t stop someone what so ever at this point.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. FWIW, they don’t follow speeding cars either.. :D

    I think the rule in Kuwait is that only motorcycle cops can follow; its a safety thing.

  2. lfc-Q8

    thier just lazy.. they only follow girls

  3. If I know right! It’s every where in the world police are not allowed to follow bikers unless they are themselves on bikes! It’s a safety thing, because you know we just end up doing crazy stuff!

    I remember running away from Police in Kuwait on bikes! It was crazy and so dangerous but I did love it! ;)

  4. Allaaaaaaaah Ya7fithkom inshalla … that’s all i can say

  5. K: They really don’t follow on bikes either, the cop bikes are extremelly slow!

    vampire: yeah!

    lfc-q8″ looool!

    Nora: in the states they follow you by helicopter! they dont care1

    Laialy: alah ya7futh el jamee3 inshalla!

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