Bill O’Reilly Goes Nuts!


This guy is a nut case, but he really goes off in this interview, you just don’t know what to say to that guy. The crazy thing is some people listen to this guy!
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A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Marzouq,

    Very interesting.. but you know, I looked at the full interview, (click me) and when you do that, things get more clear.. ok ok.. I know that both lost their cool, and fired up on a racial issue.. but when you look at it from the beginning and for few times to pass through the heat, you would know that both were talking about two different things..

    Here is the jest of their points,

    O’Reilly: The guy who got convicted with DUI and killed that person is an illegal alien, in his point of view, all illegal aliens are residing his country without permission, and when you catch one, they should be deported back to where they came from. That guy was caught numerous times before for smaller crimes, meaning not felonies, and yet, no one can deport him out of the country, the mayor and the police kept treating him the same way as any other American and legal alien that commits a crime. He lost his temper and seemed that he was against all races that come into his country

    Rivera: His argument was based on the fact that this guy is drunk driver and he is like any other drunk driver that are legal in their country, that’s when you see him saying it doesn’t matter that he is illegal, he could have been Irish, Jewish, a drunk driver is a drunk driver, and that’s the issue he was trying to talk about,

    When O’Reilly lost his cool cos he thought that Rivera is siding with that drunk driver cos they are coming from the same race, the subject switched to pure illegal immigrant laws, and how to deal with them, and pulled Rivera from the main issue of DUI and kill, to why or why not that guy wasn’t deported, where Rivera clearly stated that because of people willing to pay less for hand work, they lured those illegal immigrants to come and work. And they need to find a solution to this problem since their economy is depending on them now

    In conclusion, O’Reilly says since he is illegal in this country and he committed a crime, he should be out of here period. (more like what we do here with non Kuwaitis that commit a crime, they jail them then deport them),

    Rivera says, there is no cause and effect in the DUI story between “Ramos” the drunk driver’s illegality and his drunkenness, treat them both but don’t mix them up

  2. O’ Riley is soooooo unprofessional. He is. And, he’s working in stirring things up probably for ratings.

    What he’s doing is plain sensationalism ;s and he has no right to accuse his guest and yell at him like that – that’s just rude.

    Me no likee O’Riley!

  3. @the Don: nice summary

    we actually (mom and i) say this while it was on air that day

  4. The Don: I know that it was out of context but I think O Rielly is nut case, he has some outrageous things before! I just think that this reaction was funny as hell!

    cixousianpanic: I agree with you!

    Laialy: yup, but I still don’t like Orielly!

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