PYRO out at Night


After going through it a couple of times I came to the conclusion that PYRO is the name for him! He starts a flame where he might be! After a couple of days of not being able to ride Pyro since I didn’t feel like I was up to it I had to go tonight since I felt that I got some of my strength back and I really wanted to ride since I haven’t been riding for a over 5 days now and thats just too long for any person to go without riding!


I like the new tinted windscreen and it deflects the wind even more so it helps when I’m riding and they re-set the TPS and adjust the idle level for some tweaks which I hope help the engine! It has been purring like a kitten with a few hiccups. I couldn’t help it after starting the bike and riding at night, I felt like my demons were coming out and that there was a trail for fire that is appearing just after my rear tire! It was an amazing and exhilirating feeling! They couldn’t fit the racing clutch since a piece was missing, but it will come in two weeks so I don’t mind! What a ride, I loved it! Now I want to ride during the day even though its damn hot!















A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. stop posting about riding…
    ehheeheehee,, one day i’ll do the same

  2. lfc-Q8

    mashala very nice

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  4. Wow so the Duc finally has a name !!
    heres a trick to make it look like theres flames shooting outta Pyro’s ass. I had tried it a few years ago on my bike.

    1. setup up camera on a tripod
    2. shutter speed around 1/2 a second
    3. lighting is very crucial and you have to go by trial and error
    4. ask a friend to operate the cam
    5. make a few passes in front of the camera and click( to get the best effect, turn off the headlight, use the front brake lever so that the brake light comes on but doesnt stop the bike)
    6. Stop the bike when you are in the frame itself.
    all this in half a second !!!

    It took me around 15- 20 attempts to get it right. The effect is wonderful. If you’ve seen the movie Tron you’ll know what I’m talking about.
    all the best :)

  5. hello Pyro nice to meet you :p
    i must say pyro looks pretty hot at night

  6. 3ashat lasamy :P u shud try Mathews suggestions, it sounds interesting!

  7. I’m glad to know you got your strength back and get to ride Pyro!!! A night ride is the best ride a rider could get! I love those roads and night makes them even more appealing and tempting!! ;)

  8. Ps; Beautiful pics as usual! And I do like the new tinted windscreen!! :D

  9. Vampire: NEVER! loool! Enjoy it!

    lfc-Q8: Thanks!

    Mathew: Ok, I gotta try this! Thanks!

    Laialy: Pyro has that red blooded dark and mysterious look to him! hehehe

    EniGma: 3aash min Gaal! I will be trying what Mathew suggested! I gotta get a friend to do it though!

    Nora: I love riding at night! I just had enough to ride! I like the screen too, I’m just waiting on parts its driving me nuts! hehehe!

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