Some Fish!


I have been on yogurt for the past couple of days and some chicken! Recently I had the urge to have some fish and this mutabag zubaidi! Damn it tasted good, I think I overstuffed myself but I just laid back in my position for about 30 minutes after that to let my stomach digest before I start moving again. I was watching Godannar the whole time, and I played a little bit of Oblivion, but I wanted to play for hours since there was a lot I wanted to do! I feel a lot better now then I did before, and I just want to chill in the basement! Too bad I have to do other things and leave this gaming domain! I think if I had a week of holiday I would spending half the day riding and the other half in the basement!





A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. *sits down*
    *pushes the m6abag zabidy away* too fishy
    *pulls the spring rolls closer*
    *take the cola bottle*

  2. purgatory72

    everytime I come here its a food picture!

    Anyways, no rants this time, I want to know which is better for TV (say a normal 40 inch), LCD or plasma? and why?

  3. Sulaiman

    marzoog!…. tukfaaaa kather min i9war il mechaaabeeeesss!!!

  4. jew

    3awafi it looks so good…you need a short break to loaf around in your basement!

  5. jewaira

    that was me up there! Must have hacked my name off!

  6. Oh my GOD!! Mutabag zubaidi?? That is word I haven’t heard for over 10 years! I hated that dish but for some strange reason I want some now!! :(

    You really do like spring roles don’t you?? :D

  7. Missy: loooool!

    Laialy: looool! I happy you like the spring rolls!

    purg: you can get the high resolution 1080p LCDs which are really good, the high end 40″ plasmas are not avaialable in Kuwait, you are better off getting an LCD from Kuwait. If you were in the states you can get a high end Plasma from Circuit City or Best Buy which is alittle better then LCDs because of the refresh rate!

    MAZE: Thanks!

    Sulaiman: inshalla! hehehe

    Evil Knievel: yup!

    jewaira: loool! Thanks!

    Nora: yes I like spring rolls! they got with everything! loool!

  8. grammer police

    nora: spring roles= spring rolls

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