The Transplant!

Last time I used a Sony Ericsson was back in 2000 when they first came out with the bluetooth headset and I remember that it was a black and white screen but damn it was dependable!

Now I was switching between a Nokia to a Sony Ericcson and I didn’t want to install any software on a computer to complete the transfer! So I decided that I dont need to keep any of the old text msgs, I just want my numbers!

The Process:

  • I established a full trusted bluetooth connection between the W880i and the E60.
  • I decided how I wanted to start off the transfer to keep it manageable, I would do it by numbers and letters starting from the bottom going up!
  • So I start with 7, then 3, then Z, then Y, and all the way up to A
  • So for Z I would Mark all the names that start with Z and then start a bluetooth transfer to the W880i, and then I would compare all the names starting with Z between the phones before proceeding to the next letter or number until I was finished, a few times I was lazy about checking so I think I had a few missing which I will find out with time!
  • This whole process took about an hour and a half because of the checkin and marking, the bluetooth transfers were extremely fast.
  • As of right now I’m really enjoying how light this phone is, and I have to say that it is decently loud for its size, but you barely feel the vibrate feature of this phone. The menu is simple enough but I keep end phone calls when I want to just clear something, its all really funny getting used to it, but I am enjoying it. I will post a full review after thurough usage!



    A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


    1. Congrats “
      i have a sony ericsson too,, i was a samsung user,, when i transfered the numbers i did it in one time and did the check while i was seated in the comfort room (^___^) “

    2. Or you could just get a Mac and use iSync ,)

      Or which does syncing over GPRS and a great way to backup your contacts before travel and accessing them via web when the phone battery dies.

    3. You can Sync both phones address books with each other . using bluetooth or your computer. sync the phone that has the addressbook u want to have as primary then from from the computer. synce your other phone . .. much more faster and easier .

    4. Congrats,,, n get all the cool applications, i suggest gmail, opera and talkonaut

    5. Sin

      i was considering to change from nokia to SE…but jus wanted to wait a while..i checked out the w880i,it looks good, but the keypad felt a lil too small, guess i’ll wait for your review

    6. marzouq dude you should have told me. would have bourght my macbook tomorrow and you could have synced the nokia numbers first then synced them back to sony ericsson. would have taken 5 minutes.

    7. ericsson is not as user friendly as nokia that’s why i never really got into them … but there was a point in my life where i had an ericsson and that’s why i can say that :)

    8. I still don’t like SE much and especially that phone, confusing as hell to conduct a call or answer one when I borrowed it from Uncle for one afternoon!

    9. it looks hawt but im still waiting for nokia n76 :D

    10. Vampire: Thanks! Yeah the transfer thing is funny!

      nibaq: damn you! interesting! I will check it out!

      G-Funk: grouping them all together would have been too slow one go across both phones! Of course you agree he is talking about Mac! hehehe

      BLaSha: thanks! Interesting site! will be checking it out!

      Sin: I will post the full review in three weeks!

      Mark: damn it! I didn’t know the Mac could do that!

      Laialy: Its different but I like it, its a bit quirky in a funny way!

      Jacqui: loool! I know I shut the phone in so many people’s face! hahaha!

      Nora: heheehe! I know that!

      ananyah: hehehe! We shall see!

    11. Marzouq :

      the Mac can do anything.. isn’t it time for you to switch ?;-)

      Note : everybody at CTU uses a mac :-)

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