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I don’t talk about Art much, but I saw the work of Fabian Perez about 4 years ago in a gallery in Los Angeles, and never has something stopped me in my feet and I was mesmerized by the beauty of it and everything in it. I really want to get my hands on his paintings after all this time and I just want to meet the man who can convery so many feelings into just one painting. I like going into galleries but when I saw his paintings for some reason I just couldn’t take my eyes off of them and I was just staring at them for what seemed like an eternity. There is one which I don’t have an image of, its of man with a 1950s sharp suit and a really deep look to it. He truly is an artist and even in some of his paintings it is his wife in the white, I was shocked to know that it is his wife because she is mesmirizing and beautiful in the paintings.










Link: Fabian Perez

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  1. mashalla
    very nice
    you wouldn’t happen to see how much one of those costs?
    #5 from the bottom is just so calming and clean
    really nice art

  2. What would life be without art? =) Fabian Perez is amazing despite how young he is- and he’s hot too hehe =P I love the “impressionistic style” in general & Acrylic painting is beautiful in general! I read somewhere what developed his skills was his “karate” background and eastern studies. His Japanese collections are nice too =)

  3. I never thought you liked that kind of art hehe :P You should check out some of Jack Vettriano’s pieces but these are very nice paintings.

  4. Jafar

    Marzouq,there is right now an Exhibition by a very fine syrian Artist ( Esmaiel Nasra ) at the Kariza Gallary next to Ameeri hisoital ( one of the old Kuwaiti homes ).you should not miss it.

  5. wow ! they are so beautiful
    i always loved art and mashalla he captures it in a way that is just so beautiful.. i love the ones of his wife in white

    mithil ma laialy said, do you know how much they would cost ?
    akeed alot bss theyr just too beautiful for words !

  6. The romantic art of Fabian Perez, the Argentinean Artist. He uses an impressionistic style colors, highlights and shadows to create visually intriguing images and figures… He gets feeling out of people that they themselves never knew they had! He also is one of the very few artists that uses his own face and image in his paintings! I love his work… I wish he visits Europe some day.

    As my uncle is a Tango dancer it might have something to do with my love to his tango paintings: Love of Tango and Tango IV are my favorites!

    Waiting For the Romance to Come Back II, The Guitar Player and
    Moraito are also some that a dearly love! I think some day I will for sure have at least 1 or 2 of his original paintings! ;)

  7. Laialy: He makes amazing paintings, his paintings range from $700 to $10’000.

    Missy: I like all his work, I just have favorites, I just cant help but stare! Its amazing!

    Jacqui: Got multiple layers just like a big chocolate cake! hehe!

    Jafar: I wish I had the time to pass by! It would be interesting!

    Kuwaitoons.com: Just beautiful!

    Amo0ora: Yes the ones of his wife are just amazing! It would be around $700 to $10’000 depending on the painting. I know what you mean, beauty has no price!

    Nora: He brings out the feelings in you with his paintings! Just beautiful paintings! Everyone has his favorites! Its just amazing!

  8. intresting! i never tried to click ur art tag before today :D me likey!

    i loved his work, will read more about him when i have time insha2allah! what i mostly liked is how realistic/ well painted portraits he did, still he has this smudged/ stained way of painting which i adore! [his brush strokes] its the same thing i like about van gogh “very far in technique” but the not so “picture perfect” reflection of reality attracts me a lot :D

  9. Joel

    For the first time in my life , a piece of art literally made me stop and stare. It was his Untitled 2 , a painting which seemed to capture the very essence of me. The size of the painting was just too dominating for my humble surroundings though. But I was shown a smaller version , which will be proudly displayed.

    I have yet to find that version online though. The hair is not all grey , as in the ones found online. Though not an original , it is numbered 100 / 150 and signed and that is just fine with me. For those who like his works , he will be at the Irvine Spectrum in So Cal at the end of July 08.

  10. Just amazing paintings, really mesmerizing, you can’t help to fall in love with them. I think he is just an amazing painter, and you feel what he is painting!

  11. Giara Zucconi

    I love his work, italian Pino and mexican Manuel G. Avendano.
    Love them all!

  12. Alan Woo

    Really enjoy Fabian Perez’ work, true talent showing his dedication and work ethic. Hoping he is very careful with who represents and sells his works, some galleries have a background of having been sued for hidden and mistrustful sales. The fist painting of his I saw was a flamenco dancer motion from backside; not often such a pose would merit more than a brief look, but I was mesmerized.

  13. K

    If you’re still interested in acquiring a limited edition or an original painting of Fabian, you can do so from whitegalleries.com
    FYI his originals start from over £7000

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