GeForce 8600 GTS/GT, 8500 GT

All these upgrades this year needed to play the best games with DirectX 10 on Windows Vista first required you to shell out a huge amount of money, but now the upgrades seem a bit more reasonable. I might pick up one of these cards just to keep things running comfortably on my PC, I haven’t upgraded my graphics card in over a year and half, and in computer years thats like the stoneage.
Prices ranging from $229 to $90

  • 256MB of GDDR3, a 675MHz core clock and a 1000MHz memory clock for the high end ones
  • 128MB to 256MB DDR2 or GDDR3, 450MHz core clock and 700MHz for the lower end

Link: Engadget

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  1. SoS

    Get the BFG 8800 GTX. Its expensive but can be over clocked to the brim.Its actually designed by professional gamers.Ive seen it in action its raw hardcore power…!

  2. Mo Hat

    NO, wait for ati’s answer in May. Ati x2800…that stuff will be more powerful than 8800s. Will be the time to buy your shit then!

  3. SoS

    ATI cards have been on an all time low performance lately.None of their latest cards matched up the performance of the 7 series nvidia cards.And one important thing to notice is most of the modern games will be “TWIMTBP” (the way its meant to be played) which means they will be optimized for max. performance on Nvidia cards only,games based UT 2007 engine for instance.

  4. Financy: looool!

    SoS: Its extremelly powerful but I was just saying this is a good budget option for non hardcore gamers!

    Mo Hat: That will be interesting but the price tag will be up there as well! hehe!

    This battle is always nonstop, someone always aiming for the top!

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